The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Ten Minutes Away


For HER Eyes Only - Week 5 - No. 6

Ingredients: (2) Cell Phones

I can't lie, most days my husband knows to expect a call from me if I haven't heard from him by 5:30-6pm.  This call is mostly to find out if he's left work so that I can start dinner.  Since his work is about an hour away I use that time to prep and cook a wonderful meal for him to come home.  This call is also followed by a "let me know when your 20 minutes away so that I can start plating food". 

The other night we had a brief opportunity to have a week night off from the kids and when I called to find out if he had left work he said "I'll call you when I'm about 20 minutes out"...I responded with "no, make it ten minutes".  He was puzzled, I could tell by the sound of the "huh?" in his voice.  But ten minutes was all I would need.  When he called about ten minutes away he definitely heard some noisy vibrations that made him want to rush home even faster...and trust me these weren't the toilet is overflowing kind of noises. 

About two minutes later he got a text with an alluring photograph and I don't think he's ever rushed home as fast as he did that day.  I'm not even sure the truck came to a complete stop in the driveway before he was in the front door.  What he walked in on was what he called one of his greatest fantasies.  What he got to do in participation was hot...very hot.  For both of us.  I'm pretty sure from now on he will always be anticipating when I ask him to tell me when he's ten minutes away...instead of twenty!

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