The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Heads or Tails?


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 6 - No. 7

Ingredients: (1) Email, (1) Pillow, (2) Nickels

When I got the email from my hubby to show up with two nickels (or in our case quarters) in the bedroom...I was extremely inquisitive.  When he responded with "they are the admission to my game"...I got even more inquisitive.  Who knew games were so cheap...and sexy!  Who knew how many erogenous zones we had?  I mean men focus on one but women have dozens!!  And let me tell was impossible not to feel like I hadn't paid enough admission for these games!

How still can you stay?  Could you balance the nickels on your wrists without moving a muscle while your body experiences all sorts of sensations that would usually make you tremble?  Now that my dears is a challenge! 

In this specific seduction hubby had some rules to play for his game...more like instructions.  Thank you Laura for those instructions because they were AMAZING! When the game was over for me it was my turn to play with hubby.  Depending on how many times I "dropped" the quarters off my wrists, I had to return the favor for him and those three games were VERY fun! 

What would you claim as your reward?  Maybe you should toss a coin!  Game over!

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