The 1-OH!-1 Experience: My Dirty Valentine


For HER Eyes Only - Week 9 - No. 73

Ingredients: (1) Sexy Black Lingerie Outfit & Spank Ties

Valentine's Day must suck for guys!  I mean the pressure to get the dinner, the flowers, the gift and then think about if they MIGHT get lucky...phew, glad I'm not a male.  Most couples rarely get around to intimacy after Valentine's Day because you spend the whole day focusing on eating at nice restaurants, drinking nice wine and you are too tired from the craziness of the day to really think about sex.  That was NOT the case with this seduction.

I let hubby know a couple of days before that I had lots of fun surprises for him and that I'd gotten him an awesome gift.  Since we'd already celebrated Valentine's Day but not exchanged presents it was cute to see him continue to ask what I got him.  We set up a little dinner date and about 30 minutes before we needed to leave I said it was time to exchange gifts. 

"Talk dirty to him. Tell him how much you like what he’s doing. Tell him to keep it up if he wants to earn a bonus present. Tell him you might even let him go free sometime tonight. If he’s a good little Valentine, that is.  After several minutes, turn your attention to him. Use your..." - Laura Corn, 101 Nights of Great Sex

He was on the couch and I strolled out in my Valentine's Day me, it didn't take much to get him to follow me into the bedroom.  I had on a tool belt which was hubby's Valentine's Day gift but instead of tools it had all sorts of accouterments inside for him.  When he went to reach his hand inside my tool belt to see what was inside I swiped his hand and told him he had to wait and see and brought out a little scarf.  A little light bondage later and hubby was in one heck of a compromisable position but he didn't seem to mind!

Again, there's nothing wrong with a little dessert before dinner and the fact that I made hubby sit through dinner with the sweet scent of intimacy was even more fun.  A little sniff here and there and you could see in his eyes...dirty or not...he was just happy to be MY Valentine!

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  1. Anonymous3/05/2014

    I love the idea of celebrating marital sex and showing singles that it doesn't automatically get boring after marriage. Love it!


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