Toddler Adventures: Visiting Lockhart Family Farm!


We've lived in Caroline County for almost two years now.  However, because of the remoteness of our little town we never expected to reconnect with friends from the past.  When my husband was a younger man (aka dad and husband free) he was in a rock band with his friend Josiah.  Since then Josiah had moved to Scotland and we had moved her.  About a year after moving David got a message from Josiah that he, his wife and son had moved to the same little town as us!  Yes...finally friends with kids around the same age as ours!

In the years since they had seen each other Josiah had become only what I can explain as a restorer for farms.  He helps farms come back from the dead.  His wife Jocelyn has a ton of knowledge about orchards and growth of vegetables.  When they moved back over here from Scotland it was to help Josiah's father with Lockhart Family Farm

We had been over to visit them a couple of times since we reconnected but about six months ago we got some chickens and we found out we couldn't keep them in our HOA.  Josiah and Jocelyn helped us take the chickens and of course have offered to have us over to see them but the weather has been horrible every weekend we have tried!

Finally we got a nice weekend and ventured over to the farm.  Not only did they have chickens but an assortment of pigs, rabbits and more!  The girls loved seeing all the animals and having free reign of the place to run around. 

Our tour guide (aka Alexander) passed out about half way through the tour in the orchard but that didn't stop us from taking it all in!  Josiah and Jocelyn have an amazing farm and we loved visiting it!  They do sell their animals both chickens and pigs for sale as meat so we've definitely started to consider that we need to buy our meat straight from the farm!  They are also working on starting an orchard for all sorts of fruit trees and growing their own vegetables. 

On top of it all now David is super jealous that Josiah has all this land and is on a mission to find his own farm stay tuned on that adventure.  Although I don't think it will be happening for quite some time! 

Do you visit your local farms?  Have you ever considered buying your meat and all your fruits and veggies from there?  This might be the new thing we take on.  At least we will know that our food is coming from a good source instead of what we get from the supermarket.

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  1. The girls fleeces are cute. :) I know that is pretty random. ;)

  2. My husband would love this!!! If he could move us to a farm he would!!! There is a farm about 45 mins to an hour away and he heard you can go buy the whole cow already butchered and he's so excited...we haven't done it but I guess it's coming


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