Review: The Monster Factory VW Camper Tent


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When did all the cool stuff come out for kids today rather than when I was a kid?  I tell you what, I would have loved some of the toys my girls have when I was their age.  I remember being young and seeing the VW vans...on one hand they were very cool but on the other you never wanted to be seen out in them.  However The Monster Factory has brought back the loved VW van but in a cool tent version for our kids!

Hubby and I have received many types of "pop up" things for the girls, whether as a gift or to test out for the blog.  Our biggest complaint is that they are never "2 minute set ups"...they usually take at least 15 minutes if not longer.  So when the VW Camper Tent claimed 2 minute set up we didn't believe them.  But we should have.  Literally, 2 minutes...MAYBE less!

The VW Camper Tent comes in two versions, kids and adults!  We are loving the kids version.  It's hanging out in Savannah's bedroom and the girls love to play in it.  I hope that when Spring/Summer finally arrive we can take it outside (as the above picture shows) and maybe even to the beach!

- Licensed by VW
- For children 3 and up
- Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
- Comes with a “wheelie” carrying case
- Available in red, blue and pink

The price point isn't bad either.  At $59.95 it's a great investment to make.  It folds up quickly for storage and again can be put together super fast, so it makes taking it on trips a breeze.  Below is a video on the set up for the kids VW Camper Tent.

I can't speak highly enough about this awesome little tent.  I can see the girls sleeping in it or reading books together.  Right now it's housing about 1/2 a drawer full of clothing that the girls keep dumping into it then putting away.  Hey, it's the little things right?

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