A Day In The Life of Toddler Adventures


Yesterday was one of those really good days!  You know those days where the kids behave, they nap on time and it's filled with fun activities for the whole family? Yeah, yesterday was that day for us.  It started off with a mom's group trip to the playground.  I just actually joined a second mom's group.  I really like my original one but sometimes everyone can get busy at the last minute and sometimes I just want variety for the girls.  Plus any additional friends they get to make is an A+ in my book!

We visited Loriella Park which is about 20 miles North of where we live but it's a huge community park and the playground was very cool.  The girls loved climbing, playing, swinging and going down the slides.  Hannah loves the slides that are curly-q's and Savannah is all about going down backwards on her stomach.

Both toddlers and myself made a couple new friends and had a blast.  I love being able to watch the girls just be independent and go free.  Even if occasionally one gets out of my sight for a moment I know they are on a slide or playing with other kids so I can breathe a sigh of relief when I see them again.  Also, all this playtime gave me a great excuse to play around with my new Nikon D3200 as well!

After about two hours of playing we loaded up in the car.  This was unfortunately met with a little disagreement from Hannah but once we got in the car and Barney came on things got smooth again.  I wouldn't have wanted to leave on a beautiful day like yesterday either.  The Jeep was in DESPERATE need of a bath so we decided to venture to the car wash.  The last time I tried that Savannah was not happy but this time it was a lot smoother.  Again, thanks to Barney and our new DVD players!  I love the car wash because it's an all in one.  I got the car washed, I vacuumed out the floors and entertain the toddlers now!  Win for mom!

Of course after all that morning excitement I had some very tired girls on my hands so nap time was 100% in order.  When they woke up it was time to test out Family Bowling Night at Splitsville!  We have this awesome bowling alley near us.  It's not like a regular alley, it's all snazzy and pretty.  On Tuesday's they run $2 per person shoe rental and games...great prices for the kids.  Even happy hour for the parents.  Again, we invited out all our mommy group friends and a huge turnout happened.  I was thrilled!  The girls did amazingly well!  They had scores in the 80's but I will attribute that to the bumpers and the ball helper haha. Hannah and Savannah loved bowling and ironically my in-laws were at a movie in the attached movie theater so they huge out and helped with the girls.

All in all yesterday was a really awesome day.  I feel like it's Me-3, World-3 on a day like yesterday.  It all worked, it meshed AND on top of that I raised another $25 for my March for Babies walk!  I'm so thankful for the support of these people and their contribution to an amazing day in our life!

P.S. If you'd like donate or contribute or even become apart of my team for March for Babies the link is here!

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