The 1-OH!-1 Experience: WAH-WAH-WOW!


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 9 - No. 24

Ingredients: (1) Gift Bag

My husband has been a little out of it.  Work has really been wearing on him so he hasn't had the "ummph" to do his seductions.  But that's one of the reasons we decided to blog our way through this was to show that life is and not every moment of every day are you in the mood for sex.  One thing I wanted to address in this was that sometimes in these seductions it's hard to leave out all the good parts.  I want to maintain a discreteness but also keep the readers enticed.

"after a few minutes, reach for your gift bag, hidden under the bed. Hold it high, and smile. You don’t even have to say a word. Just reach in and slide out one of your new toys. Pop the end into..." - Laura Corn "101 Nights of Great Sex"

WAH-WAH-WOW is all about using two toys to make a noise a sound that provides ultimate pleasure.  Well because we didn't have to and at that exact day the finances weren't there to buy one we compromised.  We used one toy and one body part.  Now, I didn't get the noise achieved from using two toys but we definitely made some noises of our own!

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