The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Spontaneous Attraction


For HER Eyes Only - Week 11 - No. 19

Ingredients: (1) Hot Shower, (1) White T-Shirt

I personally believe spontaneous sex this the best.  But it can come with it's own set of planning.  I mean as women how many times do we think "Should we" or "Shouldn't we" before we actually do it?  However, the best part of spontaneous sex is well that our men don't expect it.

"Rub your slick body against him. It doesn’t seem like much, but that one extra layer makes it so very, very naughty. Plus there’s that whole extra rush that comes from knowing you were so turned on that you couldn’t even stop to take off your clothes. Or so he thinks. Bonus fun: use one of those detachable..." - Laura Corn, "101 Nights of Great Sex"

I loved this seduction because while it worked out great on a Saturday morning it was really flexible!  I wasn't quite in the mood for sex but we did have other sorts of play in the shower...but most important; it was spontaneous and fun!

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