The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Kitty Popsicle


For HER Eyes Only - Week 11 - No. 100

Ingredients: (1) Timer, (1) CPR Class

It's probably no coincidence that on the man created holiday "Steak & BJ Day" I did Kitty Popsicle.  It was kind of fitting!  Have you ever heard of this holiday?  It's called the man's Valentine's Day and appropriately so considering that most men just want steak and BJ on Valentine's Day anyways.

Again, I'm not 100% into oral.  I do it out of the kindness of my heart for my husband.  But I'm definitely NOT into "switching" things up from one act to the other so I decided to stick to the oral practices on this one.  So when hubby came home I had some steaks ready to go and asked hubby to light up the grill.  Since he already knew about this magical holiday he had his suspicions of what was going to happen later in the evening.

"Do you have some kind of countdown clock? A kitchen timer is ideal. Put it right in the middle of the bed, where your lover can’t miss it when he gets home from work. (After all, that’s where he throws his dirty clothes, isn’t it? Men!!).  Tonight’s erotic play starts normally enough...lots of flirting, lots of kissing. Leave the timer where it is when you push him down on the bed. If it gets in the way as you roll around on your comforter, good—it’ll only make him even more curious about the mystery behind your special evening..."

Needless to say hubby enjoyed not only his steak but his dessert afterwards and with the long week he's had it was well deserved for him. Now I just have to remind him that like Valentine's Day this holiday ONLY comes once a year!

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