The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Play Like Grey


For HER Eyes Only - Week 10 - No. 29

Ingredients: (1) Large Mirror, Rope, (2) Chairs

My husband must be getting super lucky on me continuing to pick these "Fifty Shades of Grey" seductions.  But I can't lie, they are really good and the results are even better!  I can honestly say that we do much better with these seductions when I'm the one planning it.  Not that my husband can't plan but more because I'm already a planner and I can control the details.  Plus my husband doesn't mind it when I'm a little more bossy in the bedroom (what man doesn't?).

So with Play Like Grey it's about switching the tables...instead of your "Christian Grey" holding the deck of do!  You go Anastasia!  I actually got quite a few looks when I went into Home Depot looking for my "ingredients".  And I'm sure those looks were validated when my husband just winked at the associates like "oh yeah, that's my wife!".

"When he walks into the bedroom, he’ll see a sight that is at once stunning and slightly confusing. Two chairs sit in the middle of the floor, back to back, about three feet apart. Tell your man to hand you the..." - Laura Corn "101 Nights of Great Sex"

I ran hubby a hot bath and brought him a pillow, some clean boxers and a note...he met me in the bedroom and then it was showtime..literally!  I hope I didn't hurt his hands with the rope burn...oh well I'm sure it gave him something to remember if the view didn't!

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