The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Heels over Head


For HER Eyes Only - Week 6 - No. 13

Ingredients: Fireplace, (2) Bathrobes, (2) Showers

Sex comes in all styles.  Quickies, Slow and passionate and numerous other ways.  One that most men really love is actually two little numbers 69.  It's easy and delicious!  Because it takes so little physical effort, you can do it for as long as you like.  It ends only because you are ready for it to end.

The hotter you get, the hotter he feels. And vice versa.  That’s all that’s required for both of you to balance on the fine edge of orgasm—not quite crossing the line, never backing far away.  Prepare for an evening of gourmet indulgence... - Laura Corn "101 Nights of Great Sex"

When hubby it was already late because he'd been working late.  With no kids to preoccupy us I asked him to go to the bathroom and take a hot steaming shower and relax a little.  While he did that I had ordered some Chinese so I plated it up and brought it into the bedroom.  We have a fireplace but didn't have any firewood so I just lit our wall scones with candles and let the "glow" take over the room.  When hubby was done with his shower he put on his robe and came out into the bedroom for dinner.  We sat on the bed chatting about our day and how it went.

As the conversation slowed things got hot...and that's when we switched from dinner to dessert!  

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