Mommy Wear Weekly: Sweats For All!


In doing these Mommy Wear Weekly posts I realize most of them have been more dressy.  Reality is that some days I do lounge around in yoga pants and a baggy shirt but most of the time I try to at least look stylish doing it!  This post is about sweats for the whole family (well minus the hubby). I love that these outfits are not just easy to throw on and go but we half look like we made an attempt and not just wear out PJ's out into the world!

photo credits: Kyle Jordan
No, I don't normally wear lashes with my sweats but hey it was a photo opportunity and I couldn't resist!  Hannah's dress is a sweat dress in lavender with a lace heart on it from Old Navy.  It also came with matching tapered sweats.  She's also rocking her boots from Old Navy as can't tell I like to shop there can you??

Savannah's outfit is also from Old Navy.  The same tapered sweat pants that Hannah has (in a smaller size obviously) and a matching sweat jacket.  The sneakers are from Foot Locker and are Nike brand.  She looks like such a big girl in this outfit!

My outfit is from Target.  It's the Champion C9 collection (pants and jacket) that I just paired it with a basic black tank top.  The sneakers are wedges from Target as well and I got them on sale for $10.98 (originally $39.99)...woot woot for Target sales!

photo credits: Kyle Jordan
I'm definitely going to have to continue incorporating the girls into these posts.  My style is what they mimic, if mommy is wearing sweats they want to too!

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