The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Love It, Zip It


For HER Eyes Only - Week 7 - No. 35

Ingredients: You Already Have Everything You Need

Do you remember when you first got together...everything was fresh and new and you just couldn't get enough of each other? Quickies happened first thing in the morning and at lunch and at night before bed or even at 3 AM?  I remember those days and I loved them!  Sometimes being spontaneous and just having a quickie is hard these days.

I mean we've got dinner, kids and everything else to talk about once the kids are in bed before I can even think about a quickie.  And the point of a quickie is that it's in the moment, not planned. 

The other night after the house got quiet and hubby was in the tub I just had a moment come over me.  I mean heck he was fresh out of the tub so it wasn't like I had to work around any clothes!  And it happened...our quickie.  While it might not have been as spontaneous as it used to be (I did some planning time wise) it was worth it and we both enjoyed it.  Especially when I looked up, gave him a smile and winked!

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