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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post with recommendations for Legal advice.  This giveaway is only open to residents of the VA/MD/DC and North Carolina areas.  Please contact a lawyer for all legal advice if needed.

Not too long ago I posted about Preparing For When YOU Are Gone, this post was about the much talked about but rarely voiced actions parents need to take to protect their children should anything happen to them.  In this topic I wrote about the importance of wills, guardianship papers and taking any and all actions to protect your children should you leave them sooner than you anticipate. 

The Geller Law Group is an attorney practice in the VA/DC/MD and North Carolina states that is women owned and motherhood orientated.  They reached out to me to ask if I thought my readers would appreciate their legal expertise at a discount.  Ummmm...DUH, Of course!

One of the things my husband and I realized in taking care of our legal setup was that it is costly.  The Geller Law Group would like to help with that by offering 10 (yes, ten) of their $250 Gift Vouchers.  These vouchers can be used towards wills, guardianship papers, trusts, medical directives and more.  Obviously, these vouchers do not mean that your legal setup will be $250 but that it's a credit towards the paperwork.  On average I've found that just a will can be about $500.  Sure, there are options like LegalZoom but I felt much more comfortable sitting face to face with a legal attorney who knew the law rather than just winging it on a website.

Since The Geller Law Group only works in VA/DC/MD and North Carolina obviously those are the only states in which if you live you can enter this giveaway.  You will receive a free initial consultation where you can speak with the attorney about what your plans are and they will be able to help you formulate the best plan to make sure you have the proper coverage in your documents.  The gift voucher will expire 60 days after the winners are announced so make sure you get in contact as soon as possible.  The Geller Law Group makes this option even easier by being able to do transactions over the phone.

I truly believe this is a great opportunity for my readers and I do hope that each and every one of you take this as an additional reminder to take care of legal matters ASAP to protect your children and yourself!

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  1. I would definitely create a will and/or guardianship papers ....this is such perfect timing for this because Hubby and I were just discussing this last night. We want to begin traveling as a couple but there are risks with that and we want to be sure our children are protected/cared for at all times... great idea and giveaway Penny!

    1. I agree! We just did ours and I'm thinking of stealing one of these bad boys for myself :) You definitely have to think of this in a much bigger picture when you have kids!! I'm glad it's open to NC so you can enter and spread the word to any friends!

  2. I'll use it for a will.


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