The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Massage Collage


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 8 - No. 4

Ingredients: (1) Massage Oil, Dryer Warm Towels

How many times have you asked your husband for a massage and gotten "My hands hurts" or "Only if I get one in return"?  I mean what's better than a massage?  The are going to find out this weekend.

It started with a candlelit bath just for me and when I was finished there were fresh out of the dryer towels to dry off with.  Walking out of the bathroom I was greeted with a room full of candles (and the Leaves scent from Bath & Body Works) and a handsome hubby with a bottle of massage lotion.  Red's Massage Parlor was in business!  And I'm not kidding you, my hubby should probably go into being a massage therapist as a side business...the massage was wonderful!

We started with a regular massage.  Me face down.  He rubbed on my back, my neck, my shoulders and all the way down to my legs and toes.  He definitely worked me like a pro and the kisses on my neck and back helped me relax even more!  But then I came to realize this wasn't just "Red's Massage Parlor" it had a know, one of those "happy endings" kind of scenarios.

I was so relaxed after the massage I was very happy to oblige and give my hubby a little massage and rub down of his own if you know what I mean!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! We've been busy with moving but afterwards...I am DIVING into this book!!!


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