The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Roll Off My Tongue


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 7 - No. 61

Ingredients: (1) Voice and Willingness to Learn

Men are great!  I mean you help around the house, you fix things and you pamper us with love and affection.  But like most men you usually leave random dishes around the house, work a lot of hours to provide for us and never want to help clean the bathroom.  However, the one thing most men do that bugs women is that you don't communicate.

Communication is what I believe to be the key to a happy relationship.  If you can't talk then what's the point?  I'm a talker...I'll talk about anything...but sex.  It's not that I'm uncomfortable with it, I just don't like it.  It always seems to stir up an argument or weird feelings.  However that's what this week was all about.  Communicating what I wanted from my man!

It takes more than just words to communicate in the bedroom.  It's all about movement and encouraging your lover, letting them know through communication that they are doing just what you want.  You can also use this time to let them know what they do that isn't working.  It might seem like you won't be encouraging your lover by doing this but trust me you will! Now that I'm more comfortable communicating in the bedroom we can have A LOT more fun.  I'm so happy that hubby allowed me to use my voice and took a willingness to learn and turned it into one hot night!

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  1. I agree...communicating in the bed is a little uncomfortable. But what I found out is that like you said if you guide them a little they will get the message and everyone is happy! LOL!


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