The 1-OH!-1 Experience: One Month Update


When we decided to blog our way through Laura Corn's New-York Times Best Selling book "101 Nights of Great Sex" we knew we had to be honest.  Not just with the readers but with ourselves.  That was a long conversation.  Being honest can be hard, especially when you are putting it out there for the world and others to read and judge.  But hey, that's why I started this blog.  To share my life and my journey.

I've made small mention before that due to complications in both my pregnancies and dealing with complications after those pregnancies my husband and I have not had the sex life we used to.  Reaching out and grabbing Laura's book was 100% a gag gift.  We didn't think it would be what it's become for us.  To be honest we were in a place of intimacy occurring once every three to five weeks.  While we were 95% happy in our life and our partnership we were struggling in this one specific area.  This book has changed all of that for us.

I recently received an email this past week from  my husband that touched my heart.  I shared this with Laura.  The last part of this email to her including this..."Thank you.  There just aren't enough words to express what you've given back to us.  We are whole again, we are us again." 

This book might not be for everyone but I suggest it to everyone.  My marriage is better than it's ever been, my relationship is healthier than it's ever been and my heart is more full than it's ever been.  Our first month in January involved 10 seductions.  That's twice a week for the first five weeks of the year.  That means that in our old situation we would have been intimate MAYBE once in January.  That's quite the jump, and there have been days and seductions that haven't been perfect but with the help of Laura's book and all the amazing support we've received while we blog our way through it, we have been encouraged to reach for the stars.

This is just January...we have 11 more months to go and we are looking forward to the next 47 weeks with fierce desire!   I will do updates once every 3 or so months to let you know some of our favorites and how the journey is continuing.  Plus you can always read about it twice a week ever week right here at RHOCC!

Thank you Laura.  Thank you for writing this book.  Thank you Barnes and Noble for carrying this book.  And thank you Barnes and Noble for placing this book where I could find it right next to the cooking books.  We are incredibly thankful for the enrichment this has brought to us and we are so excited to share the rest of our journey with all of you! 

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  1. So very brave of you to talk so openly about this subject.


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