2014...BABY or BUST!


Recently the discussion of to have a third baby or not has been a big talking point in our house.  David and I are extremely blessed with two beautiful girls who are bright, full of life and have smiles that make the sun seem dull.  However, we've been wondering if adding a 3rd was part of our family plan.  I don't think we'd ever look back and say "Wow, glad we didn't have that third kid" but more "I wonder if we should have tried just one more time".  David and I really want a boy however we both sit at 50/50 that we'd be happy with whatever gender we are blessed with.

For us 2014 is BABY or BUST.  I've drawn my white flag and said that David has exactly until the end of 2014 for us to get pregnant (let's be honest, he's a huge part of this scenario!).  If we do not conceive in 2014 then we've agreed that David will get a vasectomy.  Since Hannah and Savannah are 15 months apart I knew that if we had a third baby that I wanted at least 2 years in between Savannah and the younger sibling.  Fifteen months was a little too close for me with the girls so I think two years is a good enough gap and that's if we got pregnant today. 

I also always said a 3rd baby would mean a bigger house but I think we could make it work where we are but we definitely need a bigger vehicle!  David wants a mini van but I'm a SUV kind of mom and the Jeep Liberty isn't cutting it for a 3rd baby.  Plus our infant car seat will expire in two years so the timing is kind of perfect.

So here we go...on the journey of baby #3!  Wish us luck!  And of course stay tuned for all the fun details if we succeed!

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  1. Well there's 101 ways, I think this just may happen!
    This is exciting, I'm happy for you and your family either way…. y'all are such a cute family filled with lots of love.

    1. Thank you friend!! I'm really excited and I agree we have another 80 something ways to get pregnant :)

  2. Good luck!! :) We are in the same boat.

  3. It will happen...especially with all the 101 Nights!!! LOL!! We are working on #2...so we are in the same boat in a sense! Good Luck!!!

  4. OMG...just like me. We have 2 girls 18 mo apart. I want a 3rd and my DH was reticent. I told him I doubted we would ever regret having 1 more but if we didn't even try there might be regret. So...that cinched it for us. We are "casually" trying/not trying for #3. (FYI--I'm 42 and DH is 41)

  5. Good luck! We are still in the deciding phase of wanting to add another. It might happen in the next year or so!


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