The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Shake & Bake


For HER Eyes Only - Week 1 - No. 3 Shake & Bake

Ingredients: (1) Easy to Prepare Meal, (1) Apron and (1) Pair of Sky High Heels

We've all heard the saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach", this is tried and true knowledge.  However, men are also extremely visual animals and no matter how crappy we feel about our bodies they love every inch of us.  They tend to love our bodies than we do and even more when we are naked or nearly naked.  In this seduction I got to play off of not only David's "appetite" for food but also for ME!  My secret ingredient was an apron...yes, an apron!

David was convinced when I ripped out the sealed page that read "Shake & Bake" that I was going to be doing some baking...maybe even a Blueberry Pie. "Please tell me baking is apart of this one??".  Oh, poor thing, he had no idea what this recipe was all about.  He was so eager to know what it was and it was fun to keep him in the dark, he kept asking over and over again.

Because we did "Shake & Bake" on New Year's Eve and already had dinner plans I did switch it up a bit.  David left work a little early and wasn't sure what to expect.  I took the kids over to my in-laws so hubby and I could have some "parent time".  When I got home, I slipped into something a little more comfortable or "domestic" in this case.  An apron and some sky high heels.  The apron did wonders to cinch in my waist and the heels lengthened my legs and pushed my butt out.  Let me emphasize that David is insane about my butt.  He loves it.  Instead of cooking a meal like the scenario in 101 Nights laid out I made my man a little pre-dinner drink.  Jameson and Coke to be specific.  Our house isn't too spacious, I can see our driveway from the kitchen.  So I was able to time it perfectly that I was pouring the drink as hubby walked in the front door.

"No matter how we feel about our bodies, he thinks we’re hot as hell. Especially when we’re doing something domestic.  Especially when we’re doing it in the nude...or nearly nude.  You’re going to fulfill one of your man’s biggest fantasies by feeding both his heart and his lust. That’s right: you’re going to become your very own version of …" - Laura Corn

And let me tell you, his mouth dropped!  I mean literally just like in the cartoons.  I half expected little hearts to come out of his eyes.  "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" he yelled.  It was probably 3 steps and before he was in the kitchen and eying me up and down.  If I moved to the fridge...he followed. He even made me do a little turn so he could admire all I'd put together.  "I don't need this drink, I'm drunk on love right now".  Laura definitely knew what she was talking about with this seduction.  After two or three drinks in the kitchen while we chatted and flirted I let him know that we needed to get ready for our New Year's Eve dinner.  Hubby strongly opposed to me changing and to be honest as much attention as I was getting I wasn't too eager to change. However, we did need to get out the door.

So...I let him follow me, my apron and my heels back to the bedroom and let him have dessert before dinner.  I mean, life is too short not to "eat" it up *wink wink*.  Oh, and before we left the house hubby made me e-mail Laura and tell her that he didn't just have "GREAT" sex like he book promised.  He just had "AMAZZZZZZINGLY GRRRRREAT" sex! Thanks Laura!

Stay tuned for Week 2 and all it has to offer!

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  1. This was so awesome I didn't even mind that I was at work when I read it. Those who passed behind me probably didn't, either. That's one lucky dude.

    1. Thank you for the great comment! I'm glad that it was easy to read and not too NSFW! And I totally agree that my hubby is one lucky dude!


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