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Welcome to 2014!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and happy evening ushering in the new year.  I'm so excited for all the things that 2014 is bringing into my life and I'm sure all of you have amazing opportunities coming to you as well!

For those of you who aren't familiar with #AskAwayFriday it's an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better!  10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!
As always, tried and true we have the partners in crime, the ladies who created #AskAwayFriday...the wonderful Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom!!
The Real Housewife of Caroline County

Our co-hosts for the month of January are here as well!  All new ladies who have been wonderful additions to #AskAwayFriday!  Show them some love by stopping by their blogs!
Saving Everyday With Sonya K
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Since last week I didn't have a partner last week I was super excited to welcome Carla from Real Into to #AskAwayFriday!  Carla is a mom and Pilates Instructor (you go girl!).

Real Into

I'm anxious to dig into her questions so let's get into it!

1.  I love your Mommy Wear Weekly Posts. I could stand to be more fashionable and your outfits are inspiring. Even though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover people still do. What three things do you hope your personal style conveys about you?  I'd really like to hope my style conveys that I have some fashion in the first place haha I guess mostly that I dress for my age and body shape, a little sexy for my hubby but modest enough for a momma.  I like to have fun with it!

2.  Do you think beauty and fashion trends are only for a certain age group or that all ages can enjoy trends?  I think everyone can enjoy everything but like dieting and health, do it in moderation.  While I probably can't pull off the full on emo look, I can rock a hoodie and converse.  While I'm not a pin up model I can wear the heck out of heels and pearls!  You have to pick and chose what works for you and what makes you feel good about you.

3.  I saw a picture of you and noticed a tattoo on your foot. I love tattoos but don't have any myself. What is the significance of yours?  I have 8 tattoos but the ones on my feet are very important to me.  "Trust in Life" and "Trust in Love" are two things I was told by someone very dear to me just before they passed away.  I always said I couldn't walk through life without that person and I found it appropriate to have that motto on my feet to guide me in each step I take.  I try to live by those words and trust that life and love will always lead me where my heart is supposed to be.

4.  What is your favorite color and do you use it in your house and in your wardrobe? Just asking because I have a favorite color but it's not my favorite color for decorating my house. I'm hoping there is at least one other person like me.  I don't really have a favorite color.  If I had to chose it's probably purple or red.  I tend to gravitate towards those colors a lot.  I don't have either of those colors in my house since it's basically aqua/teal and brown/tan in my house.

5.  My husband has a full beard now and I loathe it. I really prefer when he has a goatee. Why do you love your husbands beard so much? I'm hoping your answer will help me at least appreciate my husbands beard at least a little.  I've never not known my husband/boyfriend without a beard.  And to be honest when in random moments of life he has shaved it off it just doesn't look right.  His beard makes his face if that makes sense.  Plus he's a ginger so he's so much more unique with his beard and hair!  Just ask your man to keep it groomed and all will be good!

6.  How do you talk to freely about things that make me blush...like the s word...ummm...sex? You kind of talked about this once before but I'm still not understanding how you get that confident (I'm assuming it's confidence that does this).  Haha, thank you, yes, we are blogging our way through the book 101 Nights of Great Sex and loving it!  I've even coaxed a couple other bloggers into buying and trying the book!  I started this blog to be open and free to say whatever I wanted, whether people wanted to hear it or not.  I stand by that.  Sex is apart of my marriage and our life.  I don't talk about what goes on specifically in the bedroom but it's gotten such a great response I'm really proud of it now!

7.  What piece of advice would you give to a new mother that you weren't given?  Don't try to be any other mother than the one you can be.  Everyone wants to tell you how to be a mom.  They want to tell you how they did it and how perfect they were.  No one is a perfect mother and you have to do the best you can at raising your children your way.  Otherwise what is the point?

8.  What is your favorite go to meal/fast meal for your family? I know, I'm just fishing for some help here.  It used to be angel hair pasta with some shrimp, just add in a little butter and lemon juice and you've got dinner in like 10 minutes.  However, I recently lost my taste for all things pasta related.  I made a homemade pizza tonight that took like 20 minutes total which isn't bad.  I love tacos, again fast and not many ingredients needed.  

9.  As a blogger you sometimes talk about your family and children. What kinds of things would your mom have said about you if she had been a blogger?  Probably that I was horrible haha!  It would have been about our trips (we traveled a lot) or cooking. 

10.  All women and families are different but what one element do you think needs to be there to be a "Real Housewife"?  I think there's a big difference between being a stay at home mom and a housewife.  Yes, I stay at home with my kids but that's only part of my job.  I'm their mother, I'm supposed to raise them.  But being a housewife and a homemaker is so much more.  You are the decorator, the cook, the maid and so much more.  Instead of having a place to go to work everyday my home is my work.  When people walk into our house they know I did that.  I take a good amount of pride in that and while it's not perfect everyday I know that 5 out of 7 days a week it's a pretty great place.  Those ladies on the BRAVO series aren't housewives in my eyes.  The women like our grandmothers were housewives.  They knew what it meant to care for a household.

Thank you, thank you to Carla for such wonderful questions!  You have to rush over to her blog to see what I asked her...I know I can't wait to read her answers!

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  1. Hi Penny! Great answers and questions from Carla...i love the significance to your foot tattoos. I have 4 and want more but each of them have a meaning to me.

    I get your answer about your husband's beard. I am the opposite I met my Hubby with a goatee or no facial hair (Army Regs) and every vacation when he would grow a beard in I just couldn't get used to it...LMBO

    1. haha! I have plans for MANY more tattoos I just need to get the funds put to the side to actually do it!

  2. Hey Penny! I absolutely love the tattoo significance. That is such a wonderful motto! I think tattoos with meaning are the best ones to have. I love red and purple, though I only have burgundy curtains in my living room. I absolutely agree that we can still dress sexy, while still honoring our roles as mothers. I always tell lil miss that to look sexy doesn't require letting it all hang out. LOL! Hope you have a great coming weekend!

  3. Amen to fashion in moderation! Sometimes I really question the sense of style of some people. Internally of course ... but still! LOL


  4. If you walked into my closet you probably could guess what my favorite colors are fairly easily. I love purple, forrest green, and teal. I love the motto of the tattoos on your foot. Great words of wisdom.

  5. Anonymous1/24/2014

    What great answers,Penny! I loved this post and it really helped me know you more. I love the reasoning behind your tattoos. It's so special and sweet. This is one of the biggest reasons I don't have a tattoo, I think they should have a meaning and not just because it's pretty.

  6. It was interesting to read the significance behind your tattoos! My favorite color (green) is all over my wardrobe...I can't resist green clothes, any shade. My house though, I have some greens but I mostly stick to the earth tone ones.

  7. Hey girl! Been missing AAF and hoping to join in again really soon! Loved your questions and answers. John didn't have a beard when I met him and usually does these days more out of laziness than anything. I would pay him to shave on a weekly basis (a little stubble is ok!) bc it totally rips my face apart to kiss him! Oh- love what you said about being a housewife. It made me look at my responsibilities at home a little differently (they've become a big stress factor lately.) xo

  8. Love the answers!!! And I cant wait to read the 101 Nights of Great Sex book! I must admit that you took a chance with those post and it worked out in your favor! You have to be the first blogger EVER that I have read these types of post from!

  9. Great answers! I love hearing about other people's tattoos but I don't think I ever want to get one. Thanks for hosting AAF!

  10. I love your tattoo meaning!!! And I love your fashion blog posts :) hope you had a great weekend.


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