Review: Chasing Butterflies with Wallzical!


Disclaimer:  I was sent the products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.  

I know that I say it over and over again but I'm literally amazed each day as Hannah's vocabulary grows.  It seemed like yesterday we were teaching her numbers and now it's not just numbers she knows.  She knows sign language, animal names and noises, colors and so much more!  My little baby girl is really growing into this incredibly brilliant toddler.  I truly believe that her growth has to do with all these interactive things I am doing with her.  I'm looking for little ways to incorporate learning into her everyday.

When I found Wallzical it was definitely an eye opener for me.  They have so many interactive wall decals!  Whether you want to teach letters, numbers or animals there's no shortage of what they can offer.  When they offered to send me one of their decals for Hannah's room I was obsessed!  I was torn between about three of them but I settled on "Chasing Butterflies".  Hannah's room is a purple and jungle type theme so this set fit in perfectly.  And since she is so into numbers I thought this would be a great option for her.
I also can't stress enough that I enjoyed the fact that Wallzical decals are made in the USA and both easily applicable and removable.  This makes them great temporary options for apartments or even if you are in a situation like us where we aren't sure if we will be in this house more than another year.  It's nice to know that I can take these decals with us if and when we move.

The wall decal sheet arrived in a tube very quickly.  I mean it felt like as soon as I got the email it shipped it was at our doorstep.  I liked that Wallzical told you before hand to take the decal sheet out of the tube and lay it flat for about an hour or so.  I just laid it on our bed with books at each corner for a little over an hour and it laid flat very well.  The actual decals were extremely easy to remove from the backing sheet and apply to the wall.  Hannah was "ohhhhing" and "ahhhhing" the whole time I was putting it up!
Now here is the downside (at least for me)...Hannah was not ready for this.  Or should I say Hannah and Savannah weren't ready.  Pretty much from the moment I applied the decal they were taking them off the wall.  I even relocated them a couple different places but there wasn't really anywhere I could put them that the girls couldn't tear them off the walls.  So I sadly had to put the decals back onto the sheet and roll it up.  Maybe in a couple months I'll take it out again and see what happens.  But again, I'm very happy that these are easily removable for restoring so I can put them back up later.  I'd definitely recommend these for toddlers ages 3+.

Even with the little bit of bad luck I had with my toddlers Wallizcal has offered all of my RHOCC readers a 15% OFF coupon code (woohoo)!  All you have to do is use coupon code RHOCC15OFF at the checkout and enjoy your toddler learning AND loving their new Wallzical!!

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