The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Panty P.I.


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 2 - Panty P.I.

Ingredients: (1) Pair of Panties

Women are obsessed with lingerie!  Men don't always notice how much time we put into picking out these undergarments just so you can take them off.  Every woman has her preference in panties.  Whether it be cotton, lace or silk.  Even the cut comes into play from bikini to thongs and boy shorts, companies like Victoria Secret have made MILLIONS off our obsession with underwear.

A lot of men think of panties as something that gets in the way of sex but you should think of them as an opportunity to show off how skilled you can be.  One of the biggest ways to do this is just to pay attention.  When David left me a little note on the counter that said to put on a specific pair he had picked out and send him a picture to confirm I had them on, I was definitely intrigued to say the least.  Why did he pick this specific pair?  What were the plans for them?

I can't lie...after I got my shower and all "hygienic" as Laura calls it I was kind of excited to slip into the underwear hubby had selected and send him a little photo.  I used to do this a ton before we got married so it brought back some nostalgic moments.  Once I got the perfect photo taken...I mean I wanted to make sure my butt looked good (right ladies?) I sent it off to the hubs.  Once again I was met with a very enthusiastic "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" followed quickly by "You are so F****** hot"!  Even if he was at work it was nice to know I was getting a little tease in as well on this one because he had to work all day with that image on his phone.

"Want to know why women spend so much on fancy underwear? Because we expect you to notice. No, it’s even more than that. We get turned on when you notice tiny details about us. It makes us feel loved. Desired, and desirable. Horny, even. So this week, find the sexiest undies she owns, the ones she wears on special occasions, and..." - Laura Corn

When hubby got home he made one or two mentions of the picture and the underwear he had picked out.  It was like a little secret we were sharing.  It felt good to be flirting with my man.  Much like the rest of our seductions we had to wait until the kids were in bed but it was game on once the lights went off and sparks flew! 

The biggest part of this seduction is to stir up those wonderful high school moments before she went "all the way".  Steamy make-out sessions, bumping and almost doing it but not going in for the kill.  David definitely accomplished this and more for me!  Trust me, there was lots of nibbling, licking and taking our time.  Oh and let tell you ladies and gents, it WILL NOT be long before he sees that specific pair of panties again.  I promise! 

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  1. Oh la la :) I'm sure he was happy to get home!

    1. OH HE WAS! He loves this book!

  2. I am so buying this book!!! I agree with Dean...Im sure he was very happy while at work and when he got home!!!

    1. I'm giving away 3 copies so make sure you enter to win!!!


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