The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Honeylingus


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 4 - No. 1

Ingredients: Milk, (1) Strong Tongue, (1) Blanket

At it's core, this seduction is about attention.  Complete and total focus on your partner's sensual satisfaction.  It also involves an awesome skin treatment so it's kind of like going to the spa, what woman wouldn't love that?  Most of us have the ingredients right in our home so it's free...even better!

Hubby left me a little note with bottle of honey on top of it.  "This is for tonight...imagine the possibilities!".  I hated to admit it but he was getting good at these little notes for these seductions to keep me guessing.  The day was a day like any other but the night was oh, so amazing.  After we'd done our nightly routine, hubby sneaked off for a little bit to "prepare".  When he was gone a little too long I walked back to the bedroom.  Now, our bedroom already has candle sconces all over the walls but the candles are more for imagine my surprise when they were all lit and the soft glow covered our room and our bed, romantic to say the least.  He had even run me a bath!
He handed me the honey and said "we're going to play a little game, but not til after your bath".  He explained the rules and walked out.  The point of the game was for my honey to find my honey...with his tongue!  It was sensual and oh so very attractive and even ticklish at times while he tried to find all my little "spots"...eventually he found the real "honeypot".   And that was the icing on the cake!

Who would have thought that honey could be so extra sweet?

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  1. I'm so in the "not tonight" mood and I can't break it. Good for you for your sensual activities.


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