The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Hose Me Down


For HER Eyes Only - Week 4 - No. 30

Ingredients:  (1) Pair Scissors, (1) Thigh-Length Sweater, (1) Pair of Heels

Recently, the new Royals like Kate and Pippa have made pantyhose hot again.  Not the kind you are thinking of, the thick and matte support hose but the sheer, nude and buttery.  In America, we have been turning our noses up at pantyhose for years but over in Europe they love them.  I've never before thought of pantyhose to be sexy but it also turns out that men love them!  They love them in the way that they are reminded of their school teachers who used to wear them, don't kid yourself those ladies were the first to arouse our men.  Men think about secretaries, school teachers and prom dates when they see pantyhose, long legs with a shiny's a turn on for them. 
I got hubby to agree to a weeknight date this week, but because of the snow we got stuck at home.  So I decided to wait until the kids were asleep and ask hubby if he would help me pick out an outfit or two for an upcoming photo shoot.  He easily obliged.  When he walked into the bedroom there I was in those sheer nude pantyhose he had come to love in his life, with just a sweater to cover me.  By his reaction alone I knew that was HOT for him.  We flirted a bit and then I asked him to lay down.  As I straddled his chest I asked him to inspect the hose for any "flaws" and trust me he found it...VERY quickly!

We just couldn't wait...those pantyhose didn't even make it off.  That night, I gave him so much more than sex.  For a man, there is no higher compliment than spontaneous sex and that you find him so sexy that you would rather he "rip" your clothes off than wait one more second!

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