You are an IDIOT Amy Glass!


It has recently come to my attention that there is an absolutely idiotic woman out there in the world named Amy Glass.  She has come to light in the last day or so because of this horrible writing piece.  Apparently this isn't her first idiotic post like this one I just found about how women only have kids to not be lonely.  I came across this horrible writer through my friend Stephanie over at The Mom in Black who has retaliated in a similar manner to what I'm about to.  Are there really stupid women like this in the world?

First, let's get this straight.  I'm a woman, I'm a feminist but in the most liberal manner probable.  I support all women, except when they attack first with vicious words like Amy Glass did.  Second, I'm a mother.  I've been a working mother for the first year of my oldest daughters life and now I am a SAHM with both of my girls for the last year and a half or more. Third, I am a blogger.  Amy Glass has offended me on ALL three of these levels.  Is that even possible?

As a woman I celebrate my life, my sexuality but most of all my heart.  Part of my heart is my husband and my children.  I celebrated my marriage (and continue to celebrate it) because it is part of what makes me better.  My marriage is one of the most important parts of my life.  It has changed and molded me into a better woman and human being.  I also celebrate my children.  I didn't have kids because I felt like I didn't want to be lonely.  I had children because they fill my heart with love.  There is nothing like the feeling of my children's laughter and smiles.  My marriage and my children do not weaken me, they make me stronger.

I hated being a working mother.  When I was away from Hannah my life was horrible.  My husband and I were both groggy and mean at the end of the day.  There wasn't anything good for me in being a working mom.  So when I was given the opportunity to work or be a SAHM, I chose to be at home.  I was fulfilled being with my children.  I love being their caregiver and while there are days I want to rip my hair out, I wouldn't miss a day with them for some stupid 9-5 job.  I consider myself BLESSED that my husband can provide enough for our family that I can be at home with them! 

Even more, since starting my blog I've found that I've realized a lot of dreams I never knew possible.  I've worked with companies that I've purchased from for years.  I have so many amazing projects upcoming that I can't not imagine having my blog in my life.  I find this blog as a realize of my energy.  It calms me and I'm able to share so much of my life with people who were once strangers but most who have now become dear friends. 

Finally, I don't want to backpack through Asia or some other horrible country.  I'm perfectly content right where I am.  I have a LIFETIME to see the world and fulfill all my dreams.  I chose to have children younger so that I could be younger to see them through their entire lives.  I am and have always felt 100% equal with all men in my life, my husband included.  I do not feel less equal in the decisions of our household or our life because I'm not "bringing home the bacon".  My housework is work.  Have you not recently checked the current salary that a SAHM should be receiving??  It's based on a 94.4 hour work week at $119,480 a year.  That's probably a hell of a lot more money and time than Amy Glass has ever put into anything in her life. 

Below are just a couple of Facebook quotes from my fan page on the article I posted from Amy:

She obviously is lonely and hates pretty much everyone in the world besides single women without kids. Wonder how many friends she has!? - Amber L.  (engaged, mother of 1)

Wow her point if view is just so narrow minded. - Britney N. (wife, mother of 1)

"These aren’t accomplishments, they are actually super easy tasks, literally anyone can do them." Obviously this ignorant woman that likes to stir the pot has never met anyone facing infertility. What a stupid, stupid, sad woman. - Heather B. (wife and mother)

What's funny with this debate is that we are all moms and shouldn't be judged on the fact of if you choose to work or not! And no it's not the 1950s anymore but more moms and dads are choosing to stay home due to financial reasons (daycare costs are astronomical) But if you are making a sacrifice for your family why should you be judged as that being the only thing you want to do in life! Coming from someone who was once a working mom now a SAHM there are pros and cons to both situations (and if you say there aren't you aren't being 100% real with yourself)...but what counts the most is what works for your family! My issue is someone speaking on it (author of the article) and she's never had children!!! You can't speak ANYTHING that you've never dealt with before!!! - Carissa G. (wife and mother)

I have to agree with you. That article was just hateful and mean. - Darcus M.    

As you can see, no one seems to agree with this sad, pathetic version of a woman.  I'm sure that Amy Glass is not in love and has no children.  Otherwise she would know the value and importance of both.  I see this woman biting her tongue in about 10 years.  My closing statement on this is...I'm proud to be a woman, a mother, a wife, a SAHM and most of all I'm proud to NOT be Amy Glass!

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  1. Anonymous1/27/2014

    This is great! I read that stupid post by Amy yesterday, and it's clear that she is a sad and lonely person. She is an idiot because she basically went against most women in the world! What a LOSER! I, too, was so offended as a woman, as a mother, a wife, and as a blogger!! I was going to write a rant about her but I had way too many things to say that I decided not to write anything, so I'm glad that you did!! :) I'm a working mom right now and I absolutely hate it! Hopefully one day I'll be able to stay at home (or at least work from home) so I can see my toddler more. :)

    1. I agree. I firmly believe that as women we have to embrace and empower each other not tear each other apart but I just couldn't help myself in this situation. I hope one day you can work from home or be a SAHM because it really is a great gift but I applaud you being a working mom!!


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