The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Lazy Boy, Busy Girl!


For HIS Eyes Only - Week 5 - No. 97

Ingredients:  Several Batteries, Several Pillows

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a relationship is to just make each other orgasm.  Fortunately, in this day and age with all the toys and online shops and adult stores in towns that's easier than ever.  When hubby came home from work on Friday he had a gift wrapped box just for me. We share a bank account so I knew he'd been to some sort of adult store but what he bought was a mystery and had me intrigued.  Again, the thoughts of what are we going to do, what did he buy for me ran through my head.

Saturday night after watching a movie together I asked if I could open my box.  It was filled with a toy, just enough to help me accomplish the above goal of an orgasm.  Here's the twist, I was supposed to make myself orgasm using this toy.  It was all about me taking care of me but hubby was going to be right there, in my face, standing over me in a seductive way. 

We got comfortable and again I got a little taste of my own personal Christian Grey...a little dominate but not too in your face, pun intended!  I was able to become my husband's own personal porn star...right in between his legs!  Oh and the toy...I can see many uses for that in the future...especially with this book!

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