The 1-OH!-1 Experience: Take The Dare


For HIS Eyes Only - Week One - Take The Dare

101 Nights is NOT a book that you read. It's a book that you do! Each week we will rip out a sealed page in the book which holds a powerfully passionate secret seduction. The seduction is guaranteed to give you GREAT sex.  We kicked off the week with David going first.  We sat in bed together (a little sexy atmosphere going already) on Wednesday night and selected our seductions for the week, I couldn't see his and he couldn't see mine.  I remember when David pulled his seduction he said "This is a great one to start with...this will set the pace for the whole journey".  That got me really excited!  I loved that he was into this.  I wasn't allowed to know anything more about his seduction other than the name "Take The Dare"...I was definitely curious.  Was it a game?  What was it about?

On Friday I received an email from David saying "Do you want to do "Take The Dare" tonight or tomorrow because I have some prep work to do".  To be honest I said it all depended on the kids but I was definitely curious what prep work he could possibly have...again my mind was filled with questions.  When he came home we had a normal night like any other.  We ate dinner, we talked but then he had to excuse himself into the bedroom to do his prep work. I can't lie, it was hard to not sneak back to the bedroom and see what he was up to.  When he emerged he handed me two manilla envelopes.  One said "TRUTH" in red ink and one said "DARE" and both said "DO NOT OPEN" on them.

I wanted to open them right then and there but I knew I had to abide by the "rules" and play fair.  Laura states in this seduction that it's almost impossible for a woman to not open these envelopes.  I mean what man gives his lady something she can't open right then and there?  It's definitely a "tease" all in it's own form. 

"If you can learn how to get her thinking about sex—and why she should have it with you, right now—then you’ll have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you. It’s the old “teach a man to fish” story…but with orgasms!" -  Teaser from "101 Nights of Great Sex" 

After the house got quiet (a.k.a. the girls went to bed) we went back to the bedroom to embark on "Take The Dare".  I had both envelopes in my hands and David had the "Take The Dare" tear out from the book.  He read me a little about it and it all made sense!  Truth or Dare is one of the OLDEST games between young tweens into teenagers.  Almost every sleep over or basement party played this game.  This specific seduction plays off all those "what's the dare going to be?", "will they know I like her if I kiss her" fears we all had playing.  I was definitely up for playing this game with my hubby.
Here are the rules.  Each envelope in my hands had 6 Truths and 6 Dares.  The goal is to get you to TAKE THE DARE!  Here's why...for every Dare you skip you have to answer 2 Truths then do the next Dare on the list.  So you can only in reality skip out on 2 Dares.  Plus each Truth and each Dare gets more and more intense as you go along.  Of course knowing that I made a commitment in my mind that I would do as many of the Dares as possible.  We made it through Dares 1-3 (showing a little skin, giving a little hickey, a little this and that to spice it up) without any issues...they definitely did start to build in intensity I noticed.  Dare #4 I passed on (mostly because I was curious about the Truths).  So I answered Truths #4 and #5 which were about sexual fantasies that I've had (I think David made some mental notes haha).  But because I skipped Dare #4 I had to do Dare #6!  And let me tell you Dare #6 lead to GREAT sex!  Dare #6 played off the Truths #4 & #5 (tricky tricky Ms. Laura). 

This book is definitely on a roll for us!  Stay tuned later this week for my edition of For HER Eyes Only which is #3 Shake & Bake...David ABSOLUTELY loved this and thanked Laura for this seduction afterwards!

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