Review & GIVEAWAY with MagnifiCuffs!


Disclaimer:  The products shown in this post were given to me for review.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

MagnifiCuffs LLC is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Ryan and Marcia.  They are proud parents to two sons, pretty close in age like my girls!  Marcia and her family actually live pretty close to me in the Washington, DC area.  As small business owners I was really excited to work with Marcia.  Her customer service has been so amazing and I'm definitely asking everyone to go and support her on Small Business Shopping Day which is November 30th!
So what are MagnifiCuffs?  They are adorned fabric strips with strong magnets that allow each set to be used with pants, shirts, blazers and dresses, without damaging the material.  Originally, Marcia used the MagnifiCuffs to shorten pants into capris but it doesn't stop there.  How many times have you had your sweater sleeves roll down on you?  Or had a dress with short sleeves that you want to make sleeveless?  MagnifiCuffs makes this possible! They can be used to accessorize ANY article of clothing!
Marcia made a beautiful pair for me...they are so me and I love them, and how cute is her packaging?  Marcia created a set with beautiful crystals on the top and black ribbon with white dots, perfect to pair with well...anything!  I couldn't believe how strong they held together.  I'll definitely be using these on Thanksgiving to keep my sleeves rolled up while I'm cooking and look polished and put together!

Since Marcia makes each individual piece she can make you a one of a kind unique set of cuffs just for you!  Would you like your own set?  Or do you know someone who would like these as a holiday gift (Mother-In-Law, Aunt, Mom, etc)?  Enter below to win!! 

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