Mommy Tag 2.0


In October I did Mommy Tag 1.0 so now that we are in November here is Mommy Tag 2.0!  Want to join in on the fun?  The questions will be below as well as a link up that will last through the end of November!

Mommy Tag 2.0 Questions:
1. How many children do you have? And how old are they?
2. What is your proudest moment as a mom ? (of your child/children)
3. What is your most frustrating moment as a mom?
4. How do you discipline your child/children?
5. Cursing, do you do it in front of your child?
6. Do you think your relationship with your spouse has changed since you had children? Better or worse?
7. Since becoming a mom, do you notice you act more like your own mother?
8. How are your relationships with your girlfriends?
9. Your favorite place to take your child/children?
10. Your least favorite place to take your child/children?
11. Piercing baby's ear: do or don't?
12. Favorite skincare for you and child/children?
13. Must have mommy makeup item?
14. Bath or shower? (for you and child/children)
15. Are you back to your pre baby weight?
16. College dreams: Do you expect your kids to go to college? Or would you let them decide for themselves?
17. What is the one show your child/children love but you secretly HATE?
18. Cloth diapers: yay or nay?
19. Finish this sentence: "you know you're a mom when you______?"
20. Favorite non-mom moment (what do you enjoy in your free time)?

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  1. I love listening to you! LOL is that weird? PS I'm the first to link up, I feel like I need a prize or something. JK JK. :)

    1. I'm glad someone does cause I don't haha

  2. So funny!! Chuck E. Cheese is my least favorite place to take my kids. I answered before watching you.
    Thanks for doing this, I love learning more about others.

  3. I almost missed getting mine in! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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