Holiday Nail Polish Swap Reveal & Giveaway!


It's time.. it's finally time!! The nail polish swap REVEAL is here!! 

During the last week of October Penny, Courtney, Amanda, and myself started signups for the Holiday Nail Polish Swap-- we cannot begin to tell you how excited we are with the signup turnout!  
We paired-up friends from all over the U.S (sadly, we couldn't ship nail polishes overseas) Many of those who swapped, blog, which is awesome because now you can see what they swapped via the linky below.

I was lucky enough to swap with Deauna!  She sent me not one, but TWO wonderful polishes!  I love them! One glitter, one more nude tone.  They can be paired together or they can be worn separate.  I just took my polish off tonight so I will be painting them with these polishes tomorrow...thank you Deauna!
Check out who swapped and their reveals:

We told you there's a GIVEAWAY right!?!

Because the four of us our excited for how incredibly successful the nail polish swap was... we're having a FUN GIVEAWAY!!
You have 3 Chances to win
What are we giving away:
1st Place: $25 Ulta Gift Card
2nd Place: $10 Ulta Gift Card
3rd Place: Holiday Polish Set with Nail Goodies!

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  1. I'm such a sucker for glitter!! Love your polishes, I'm so happy we did this together :)

  2. LOVE the GLITTER!!! Even though its hard to get off sometimes I LOVE glitter polish!

  3. I love glitter and my weakness is purple!

    --Jennifer Dysart

  4. Love these! That glitter one is so cute!

  5. I love glitter in my polishes! That one looks super pretty.


  6. Ohh I love that nude! It'll look pretty together. Instagram it when you're done, I wanna see!

  7. I'm glad you like them! I had such a hard time picking just one that I figured two would be even better. And I got to treat myself to some colors too. :D

  8. Anonymous11/25/2013

    Glitter Girl, loves blue and purple ;)

  9. Anonymous11/26/2013

    I've recently become a blue polish hoarder! I went from none to about 10 this year!!

  10. that nude color was made for me :D

  11. I appreciate looking at in addition to following ones submit when i find them really helpful in addition to intriguing. This kind of submit is actually equally helpful along with intriguing. Thanks regarding facts a person also been putting on doing your website such an intriguing. We offered a thing regarding my facts.Nail Polish


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