Review: GIANT Microbes "Bug"


Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid for this review.  These opinions are my own.

I had never heard of the GIANT Microbes Company but another blog friend of mine recommended them so I reached out and I was lucky enough for them to provide us with one of their products for review.  This is an extremely unique company but after much research I can really appreciate what they are trying to do.
The bottom line for most of us is that diseases and all the icky things in the world scare us, especially children so why not make those icky things into fun toys and give our children a little education along with it?  Essentially GIANT Microbes takes the small molecules that make up diseases and multiply them in size by like a million and make them plush toys.  Each toy is an exact replica of molecule with a informational tag attached with information all about the product you receive!

Taken from the GIANT Microbes site:
Founded in 2002, our mission here at Giantmicrobes Inc. is to produce unique and interesting gifts for children and adults alike.
Whether your interest is educational, medical, or just plain old entertainment, we're your number one source for all things microbial!
It was a little tough to chose which one to go with since Hannah is younger and wouldn't REALLY understand what it was so I decided to go with the Bed Bug.  It was pink and more friendly looking that some of the others.  Plus what parent hasn't said the "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" rhyme before?  This guy is actually pretty interesting looking and like I said before he had a information tag attached talking about bed bugs and their history and where they come from.
Hannah seems to have taken a liking to him, she calls him "Bug", which is kind of appropriate!
We think that GIANT Microbes would make a unique and amazingly interesting gift for someone in the medical field from Doctors and Nurses to even Marine Biologists and even better for kids who are addicted to science! 

We definitely appreciate GIANT Microbes sending us "Bug" he will be "sleeping tight" with Hannah every night now!

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  1. Those are so cute!

    1. I think it's a great idea to integrate the science but the cuteness so it's not so "scary" or hard to learn about!


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