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Disclaimer:  I was sent this product for my review, all my opinions are my own.

I'm one of the lucky people (NOT REALLY) who has multiple bank accounts, my husband and I both have personal accounts then we have a joint account together.  Included in those personal accounts are savings and growth accounts so when you think about it we have about 11 bank accounts between the two of us!  This doesn't even include 401k and IRA!

As far as our personal/joint accounts go, we are really satisfied with our banks!  We don't get charged fees but recently contacted me to try out their pre-loadable cards.  Their cards offer those of you who might not be as lucky with your banks as we are.  The cards offer a lot of positives!

1.  Free to order, activate and load.
2.  Free app for your phone as well as mobile check deposit.
3.  Free direct deposit.
4.  No over-draft fees (this is a biggie)! You can't overcharge on this card.
5.  Works at over 22,000 ATMS

Now I will mention that after your first 30 days with the card there is a $5.95/month fee to keep it going but when you think about most banks average $5-$10/month in fees you really are saving by getting a product like this. The card also arrived at my house very quickly and it was extremely easy to activate and create my PIN.

There's so much more that this card offers and I love that I was even able to pick out a design that worked for me!  They over THOUSANDS of designs for their cards so you can really customize this to be a card that you will enjoy using and you might even get a couple compliments on it like I did!  I decided that this card is going to be for the girls so I chose the Care Bear cute!  Below is the one I chose but they have a whole Care Bear collection which is so adorable I want them all!

Hubby and I took advantage and actually used this card for a childless related activity...a DATE NIGHT!  I was nervous how it might work when I handed it to the waitress when we were done paying for our pizza but it went through with no problems and it worked just like any other VISA...not a bit different from my bank card!  

Thank you to for giving me the opportunity to review this product for them and I will definitely be using this for the girls.  In fact, Savannah just got a ton of checks for her birthday so I will probably load all those checks onto this card so that I can use it wherever I need to buy things for her!

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  1. That's the one thing I hate about those kind of cards, the fees that are added on after. They do make great cards for your kids heading off to college. I would prefer to have my daughter spend her own money than go in debt with a credit card.

    1. I definitely plan on using this to load any checks they get for birthdays or whatever so that they can go to Toys R Us or wherever and get whatever it is they want! My bank doesn't charge fees but some do and I know they can be high so at least it's a better option and you definitely can't overdraw the account using this type of card!


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