Review: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection


Disclaimer: I was sent the products in this post for review.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

Rain Rubber: A brilliant burnoutblue; Burn Rubber: A fiery-fueled orange;
Race Rubber: A powerful punch of purple; Rubber Ball: A passionate pit stop pink;
Red Tired: A racy, radiant red

Put your pedal to the medal because these nail polishes rank big this summer.  Think about racy shades in rubberized textures.  SinfulColors introduces its Full Throttle collection this summer with a starting lineup of five smoking hot hues that'll put your nail into overdrive  The ramped-up texturized shades range from radiant red to a powerful punch of purple to a fiery orange. 


These five race-iest colors are guaranteed to make you look like a champion, on and off the tracks!

Much like I was lucky enough to get three of the Silk & Satin Collection, I also got three of these awesome shades.  I will say these shades are much more up my alley.  I love them!  They are bright enough for summer but these shades will also carry me through until fall which is awesome!  Take advantage of these five new shades coming out at Walgreens in July 2014 because at $1.99 they aren't going to last long!

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