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Recently, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the future and what that means for our girls, from my post about Preparing For When You Are Gone to My Goals for Motherhood, is it so far out of reach that I'm already thinking about college for the girls and all the costs that go with that?

It would be great and I mean GREAT if they got some scholarships but the reality these days is that it's hard to put a child through college.  Room and board, tuition and then throw text books on top of that! Nobody has time for that!  So when I stumbled upon Campus Book Rentals, I heard some angelic bells going off in my head.  Now, I know some people might think it's not right renting text books or the quality will be less but I think there are some heavy perks to this program:

  • Save 40-90% off book store prices (I mean that's a MAJOR perk for me!)
  • Free shipping both ways (college text books are heavy...that's a lot of moolah to USPS)
  • You can highlight in the text books (maybe there are some good notes in there too!)
  • Flexible renting periods
  • Campus Book Rentals even gives a portion of each text book rented back to Operation Smile!!

I think it's great that there is a company out there that not only is helping students (and their parents) on a budget but also others in need.  For those of you who don't know about Operation Smile it's a wonderful charity that helps children all over the world dealing with cleft palettes.  As a parent I believe that every child is deserving of the right to a happy, healthy and educated life and it warms my heart to know that Campus Book Rentals is doing what they can to make that a reality all over.

On top of all that Campus Book Rentals even has a new program called Rent Back, this is a new initiative that allows students who currently own text books but no longer need them a chance to rent them out to other students who are in need of the same book!  By renting out their used books they can make 2 to 4 times the money they would selling it back to the school or another program...that's cash that every college student needs!

In my opinion, Campus Book Rentals has put together a really amazing set of programs, I don't see any downsides to using this and if they are still around in about 15 years when we start looking at college applications with Hannah I will DEFINITELY be using them! You have nothing to lose, give it a shot and they even offer a 30 day let's star cracking open those books kids!

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