Maternity Fashion Essentials!


With this being my 3rd pregnancy I can say there is a lot I’ve learned when it comes to maternity fashion. I think back to all the money I spent on my maternity fashion with Hannah and I’m so sad. I didn’t need half of it! But then I look at the shirt I’m wearing today and remember that I bought it when I was 1st pregnant so maybe I made some good clothing investments.

Here are a couple of the tricks I’ve learned when it comes to buying clothes while your belly grows. Most of these tips will also get you through your ENTIRE pregnancy…not just the 1st or 2nd trimester!

Rules To Save Time & Money!

  • Don’t buy crappy, consigned maternity jeans. They are rarely worth the cheaper cost.

  • Don’t buy maternity clothing because it’s on sale. Don’t just buy maternity on sale to save some money. In fact with maternity it’s the opposite, the more money spent the better. Chances are you won’t like it, unless you follow my last rule.

  • Try it on before you leave the store. Maternity clothing sizes often fit VERY differently than your normal clothing size. Just because you’re usually a size Medium or a size 8 in normal clothes DOES NOT mean you will be in maternity clothing. If you order ANY maternity clothing off the websites, make sure they have a good and/or easy return policy. 

Okay, on to the essentials. And by essentials, I really do mean pieces that will last you throughout the WHOLE pregnancy… not just part of it.

Maternity Fashion Essentials

  1. Buy a GOOD pair of maternity jeans or two. Go to a maternity clothing store and get fitted. You DON’T have to spend $100+, but you shouldn’t short change yourself. My favorite pairs were these FULL PANEL jeans from Indigo Blue at Motherhood Maternity. TRUST ME, the full panel jeans (the super sexy ones that go all the way up your belly) are SO MUCH MORE comfortable than the demi-panel ones. The demi-panel ones eventually cut into the bottom part of your tummy RIGHT where baby is and baby will let you know that he or she does not like being poked there by your maternity jeans. Go get fitted. You will thank me later.

  2. Get a few STRETCHY maxi dresses or skirts. A basic maxi dress or skirt will go with anything and carry you through all nine months. I personally prefer the maxi dress because it’s an all-in-one outfit. Plus if it’s a non-maternity one (Target has great ones on sale now) you can wear it after the baby too. This can help cover the post-partum pooch!

  3. Invest in a bras and underwear. Your body changes SO much throughout pregnancy. I went to a special bra shop and got properly fitted. Buying those two bras at $99 was a great investment! I went to Destination Maternity and got some maternity underwear and they are the most comfortable things EVER. It REALLY makes a difference.

  4. Instead of getting a ton of “maternity tops” – get a few stretchy tops a size or two up. I went to Target and bought like 4 or 5 stretch v-neck t-shirts a size up and I have worn those like 50 different ways throughout all nine months. And I will totally be able to wear these tops post-pregnancy as well! This can also work with sweaters too.

Places I Buy My Maternity Fashion

Old Navy Maternity – (They have AWESOME sales and remember to always wait for the coupon codes!) I have scored some GREAT deals from here. They even have active wear. HELLO YOGA PANTS!

Motherhood Maternity - Another GREAT place to score some great deals. They often run coupons, specials, etc.

Target Maternity – Another GREAT place to get sweet deals. ALWAYS check for coupons online… they almost ALWAYS have a 20% off coupon. Plus, if you do your baby registry there, you get extra maternity clothing coupons. Score!

Are you pregnant? Do you agree / disagree with any of the essentials I mentioned? What are your maternity fashion favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely agree on all points! Especially the jeans. I was given a few pairs of hand-me-down jeans worn by a few different women and theyou were awful! When I invested in a GOOD pair of jeans, I looked and felt so much better!

    1. Totally agree Kim! I know it seems crazy making some big investments with maternity fashion but it will last you through this pregnancy and maybe even others!

  2. Some of the investments do pay off, I didn't buy a lot of maternity clothes but what I did get managed to get me through both my pregnancies and some of the clothes I could wear even after. Those dresses are gorgeous by the way.

  3. These are really amazing outfits!


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