Blue & Pink Carnival Celebration: Hannah's 3rd Birthday


 As always my pictures are compliments of the amazing Kyle with Rustic Heart Photography

Hannah is just short of one-hundred fifty seven weeks old.  That's fifty-two weeks in a year times three years and one week.  How crazy is that?  I'm a mom to a three year old...WTF?  In that week I've found out that I'll be a mom to not just two toddler girls but a new baby boy, Hannah has turned into a "threeanger" and life is just great!

Hannah's 3rd birthday party was a huge success.  I honestly believe that everyone had a wonderful time (that I know of) and I know that I enjoyed seeing her so gosh darn happy!  The theme for her 3rd birthday was a Carnival theme with colors of Pink & Blue to incorporate the addition of the Gender Reveal.  Granted like most parties I plan it didn't have all the high end things and experiences I wanted for her but you know what?  She had fun anyways and that's all that matters in the end.

This was the first year that we really had "friends" for both her and I to invite to the party besides family and what a difference it makes!  Seeing all those kids play with the games was just awesome.  We had games like "Pick A Duck" which was essentially a water table that I put some rubber duckies in.  To be honest the kids enjoyed just playing in the water, not so much playing with the ducks.

We also had "Clown-Hole".  My little twist on Corn-Hole.  I was so incredibly lucky that my super awesome cousin in Mississippi had a couple of carnival-esque games from a previous party.  I'm super thankful to her for handing them over!  She also gave me what I called "Ping Pong Toss", which is just essentially beer pong for kids.  Then there was "Ring Toss" which her hubby was smart enough to make out of some old plywood and PVC piping...hey, I never would have thought to do it that way!  Finally we also put out Hannah's T-Ball set and her Basketball Set.  All the kids seemed to have a great time playing all the games.  Some of the adults got in on it too.

I didn't go overboard on the decorations besides balloons really and some streamers.  I did make in PowerPoint some signs for the games and the necklaces so family and friends could guess the gender of the new baby.  I put the signs out in the yard on stakes that I purchased from Home Depot for about $4.  Hubby was awesome and stapled them on so they wouldn't blow away with tape.

As always I had way too much food.  While the chips and salsa never last we did have left overs of BBQ'd mini hot dogs and sweet and sour meatballs.  The popcorn cups were a big hit.  I got those at Party City for $.99 for a pack of 5.  My mom made the cake and cupcakes.  The cake was a little crazy so we just called it a "deconstructed Dr. Seuss" cake and the cupcakes were the Guy Fieri cupcake brand that just came out.  I think everyone left satisfied with the food and the fun!

All in all Hannah had a wonderful day playing with friends, spending time with family and opening thoughtful presents. Her last present to open was outside that my husband had built to share the gender for her new baby brother and she loved it!

For me the party was a huge success and we had a great day celebrating our little girl becoming a big girl!  Hannah has taught me so much about what it is to be a mother.  She is my biggest love and I'm so excited to watch her grow and because this really amazing human being.  She's so full of life and love and we really couldn't ask for a more amazing daughter (no offense to our other daughter Savannah!).  I can't wait to see what the year of being a "threeanger" brings us and all the new life lessons and life adventures she will have.  We love you Hannah and like I continue to say everyday "Happy, Happy Birthday baby girl!".

Below is a little snippet of some decorations and the games at her party...

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  1. What fun! We have not had an outside themed party just yet mainly because all my Kiddies are born in the winter and fall but hey maybe this year if the NC weather cooperates :D Loved the gender reveal BTW... xoxoxo

    1. Oh for Savannah's 2nd it's going to be Chuck E Cheese all the way haha but this is the first time I've thrown a party at the house that rain didn't ruin it!!


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