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We've all heard the wives tales that circle around predicting what gender baby you will have.  There's tons out there...from the tame based on baby's heart rate to the more obscure like sitting on a fork or a spoon!  I'm not kidding you!  When we were pregnant with Hannah, one of David's co-workers told him to wrap up a fork and a spoon in napkins, place them in 2 chairs and whichever chair I sat in predicted boy (fork) or girl (spoon).  Crazy, I know!  But that's also the person who told hubby that he should dip his elbows in the lake if he's having a tough time fishing.  Hey, there's wives tales all over the world and yeah, yeah, yeah!

I took some time and looked up the most common factors that can give you an idea of what the sex of your baby is.  This isn't science it's just kind of fun like trying to plan the gender of your child off a Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar. I put them together on a little chart.  I underlined the wives tale that I'm experiencing (i.e. my baby's heart rate is over 140 bps so that would indicate GIRL!)  As you can see for some of these I've had a little mixture.  In fact with all my pregnancies it's been like that. 

Based on what you see above, what do you think we are having?  Some people I know are voting BOY just because we already have two girls.  Some are going GIRL because you usually have multiples of the same.  Me personally...I think it's 50/50.  Some days I think it's a girl, some days I swear it's a boy.  With Hannah we knew she was a girl and with Savannah I was convinced she was a boy but this one...I have no idea!

I'd love it if you joined in on the fun and took the poll below to let me know what you think we are having.  Feel free to leave comments below as well for your reasons why you picked!  I'm interested to see what everyone thinks and their reasons.  Never know...someone might school us on a new wives tale we haven't heard about yet!

BLUE or PINK? What do you think?

BLUE or PINK...What Do You Think?? free polls 

Our Gender Sonogram is scheduled for July 14th so only David will know the sex of the baby until the 19th.  We will be unveiling the sex at our joint birthday party for my daughter and gender reveal party.  David wants to be the only one who knows the sex of the baby and then surprise me with a special way of telling me at a gender reveal party (more on that to come).  He says he never gets to surprise me with anything about the pregnancies so he's excited to have this secret mission all to himself!  I think it's super cute and I can't wait to plan a pink and blue party for family and friends to attend and find out with me!  Maybe I'll even put up the results of this poll so that family can see what all my readers think the baby is!! I love that idea, how about you?

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  1. Some of the wives tales are hilarious!!! According to most I would be having girls but I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having boys!!

    1. That's awesome Carissa! I know some of them are hysterical...I can't believe where people come up with these things :)

  2. According to Croatian wife tales if your belly is low it's a boy, if it's high it's a girl. Also, if you have heartburn from hell the baby will be born with lots of hair.
    I relied on my gut and both times I was right. Oh and I did have heartburn from hell and our daughter was born with hair. Probably coincidence though!

    1. I had heartburn bad with both my girls too Ana and they both had a TON of hair!

  3. I voted boy, but I'm still kinda thinking maybe girl…. I think I need to see you.

    You two, make beautiful girls!!!
    I'm excited to find out :)

    1. haha I'm not sure either so I'm just waiting to see!

  4. This is hilarious! Congratulations on your expanding family!

    BTW, found you via the social media challenge from #SITSblogging!


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