How to Add Google Calendar to Blogger


I was recently browsing another blog and loved that they had a calendar in their page links to view events going on in the area.  I thought this might be fun for me to do for my area, I think folks in my area read blog haha

Below is a "how to" of adding your Google Calendar to Blogger.  This was not as simple as I thought and I had to read a couple of discussion groups to get it right so I thought I'd share the love and help anyone out who is interested!

Step 1:  When you are on your Google main page click on CALENDAR

Step 2: Once on your Google Calendar Page you click the wheel looking thing (haha) and it will bring up a down list, click on SETTINGS

Step 3: Click on the CALENDARS link

Step 4: Click on YOUR NAME or the name of whichever calendar you would like to link

Step 5: Scroll down just a bit and you will see Embed This Calendar.  Click the CODE to select it all use CTRL+A then CTRL+C to copy it

Step 6: Once you have the code you then go back to your main blogger page, this is where you add new posts and get to layouts, etc.  On the blog you wish to add your calendar click down and go to PAGES.

Step 7:  Click to add NEW PAGE then select BLANK PAGE. 

Step 8:  Make sure you are on the HTML side and past the code from the calendar with CRTL+V.  You can also title this "page" whatever you like at this point.  I called mine "What's on the Calendar?".   Once the code is in place, click PUBLISH.  Also, I forgot to mention (or show) that you need to make sure that you click the "Top of Page", or "Side of Page" at the above screen...for some reason it defaults to "Don't Show", just select whichever your page links are normally at (for me it's top). Click SAVE ARRANGEMENTS and you are all set to test it out!

Step 9: Click VIEW MY BLOG and see if the page link shows up (see mine below).  Once it's active you can click on it and see the finished product!

Step 10: WOOHOO!!! All done!!

I hope this helped anyone who was looking to add a calendar to their pages!  Let me know if it worked for you and if it didn't did something else work better??

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  1. Anonymous10/31/2013

    OOO this is cool! I love this tutorial! I had no idea how to do this but a calendar within blogger could definitely help me! xoxo

    1. I like that it can now hold all my blog hops and stuff so I can combine everything!


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