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Happy Friday Brainiacs! Can you believe it is the last Friday of the month? Wow! Time is flying by fast while you're having fun!! Speaking of fun, let's say hi to my wonderful hosts who are full of FUN: 

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures

This is also the last week for my wonderful October Team.  Say hi to my fabulous ladies:

Susan from Mom Loves 2 Read

Dani from Danielle Faith

Sara from Sweet Silly Sara

Let's do some SHOWING OFF! 

Natasha's favorite comes from Finding Ninee: "I feel the same exact way that Kristi feels.  There are some days where I dwell on all of the things that I could've done rather than focusing on the things that I have actually done.  I miss the moments with my son, even while I'm still enjoying the moment with him.  At times, you just have to let it all go and live in the moment.  And those are the moments that I truly treasure. Great post Kristi!"

Stacey has a sweet tooth coming from This Sily Girl's Life: "I love to make sugar cookies, but it is so hard to find a good chewy recipe...this one could be adjusted to fit any holiday, just by adjusting the colors used."

Sara can relate to The Busy Mom's Best Friend: "I am not a single Mom, but sometimes I feel like one. My husband is at work all day and at college in the evenings. There are several days a week when he doesn't see the kids unless everyone is awake before he leaves for work as they are in bed before he returns home for the day. I work from home and provide the constant care of our small children. It gets overwhelming at times, especially times like now when I am recovering from a c section. I would love to have help, but when I try to communicate that need I begin to feel inadequate and very much like a failure for needing someone else to step in and help me with my kids. I can only imagine how it feels to really be a single parent. My hat goes off to those women( and men) that are responsible for their kids 24/7."

This Silly Girl's Life gets featured again, this time by Penny: "I've really been into fashion recently and amping up my mommy style from yoga pants and tanks/tees and evolving my closet into my more pre-kid style!  I really liked this outfit and thought it was a creative way to do the military style without being over the top!"

A third time is a charm for This Silly Girl's Life! Cathy loved her wreath: "Super cute! Love the simplicity of this craft! Pinned and can't wait to make one"

My favorite goes to Darlene Nemeth.  A random act of kindness can definitely improve one's life! The power to do good for someone else.  I am in charge of volunteerism at work.  Usually when I tell my people to do it, I tend to get resentment.  Once they're there, the whole attitude changes within them and they wonder why they complained in the first place.  Give it shot! You'll feel good about yourself!!

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Congratulations to our featured bloggers! Grab our aweome badge and SHOW OFF your blog skills by posting it on your side bar and encourage others to join in! 

My birthday is in November and I am offering a blogger opportunity to grow your blog with me! Check out the details here and I look forward to you joining me all month in November! 

Party! Party! Ready to party? We are!! But first, just some general guidelines:

  • Link up your favorite posts. It doesn't matter which one, just make sure it's family friendly! 
  • Follow all 3 of your hosts
  • Follow all  co-hosts
  • Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too
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Remember, it's not a party unless you mix and mingle, so mingle around and make some friends! 

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Let the party begin!
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  1. Hi Penny! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Thank you for co-hosting this fun Blog Party! I'm following you via Bloglovin'. Please follow me back. All the best!

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