Review: Cool Gear Inc.


Disclaimer:  I was sent the products in this post for review.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

I don't know why but recently I've been OBSESSED with Mason Jar water bottles.  My mother-in-law got us two that were clear but they are glass and heavy.  I don't use them too often since the girls will often steal our water bottles and being glass I'm afraid they will break it or hurt themselves if they drop it.  When Cool Gear Inc. offered to send me one of their Insulated Mason Jars in pink and that it was plastic and lightweight, I was stoked! 

When it comes to water bottles, I prefer an insulated option, this way I can leave out ice which is much better for my sensitive teeth.  I love the fact that this Mason Jar Water Bottle is pink too but they do offer it in a couple other colors! Even better all of their products are BPA Free which is a biggie for me. 

Cool Gear International creates innovative products that strive to revolutionize the green movement with the hopes of eliminating disposable plastic bottle waste, as well as encourage a healthier and happier you. Through our patented technology, we help provide cool, clean water, as well as fresh, crisp, food for a busy on-the-go lifestyle. Every product has a sleek design that promotes individuality through its unique color and graphics.
While they offer bar ware and a large variety of other products, I'm in LOVE with this water bottle and at $10 it's cheaper than most options available at Target or Walmart so I definitely recommend you check out Cool Gear.  The shipping was fast, the customer service is awesome and the product I love so I don't see a down side at all! 

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  1. This is beyond cool! I LOVE mason jars and the fact that it's insulated is awesome. I will be checking into this!

  2. I've used Cool Gear tumblers for years and they are definitely my favorites! I make my own iced coffee every morning, and they work perfectly for that since they come with a straw. Many spills have been avoided from having a lid, too! haha

    xo Always, Abby


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