The Sad Part of Christmas...


Wow, that title sounds so...sad.  While this is a sad post for me it's also a beautiful reflection of a life shared with such an amazing woman.  Last year on Christmas morning I lost my Grammie (my mom's mom).  I got the call shortly after opening gifts with my in-laws.  My mom wanted to wait to tell me until after we had been with them so not to ruin Christmas.  What she will never know is that it didn't ruin Christmas.  While the moment was sad, I was content in knowing she was no longer in pain or feeling ill.  To have her no longer suffering was my Christmas wish.

Taken 1 Month after I had Hannah - 4 Generations

I miss my Grammie tremendously and while she got to see Hannah several times she moved away before she could meet Savannah.  The timing in this situation is sad but both David and I took solace in knowing that both our Grandmothers were in Heaven together (we had just lost David's Granny almost two months earlier).
Taken at my Baby Shower for Hannah
What I will remember most about my Grammie was that she always wanted her family together.  She loved getting us all around her and celebrating no matter what it was for.  She was an incredibly strong and beautiful woman.  She loved me intensely and accepted me no matter what situation I was dealt.  She welcomed my daughters, husband and his family with open arms.  She was a wonderful role model for my mom and an amazing role model for me.  I hope to have the same spunk for life later in my years that she did.
Taken 1 Week after Hannah was born
I will most likely shed a tear or two (like I am now) thinking of her on Christmas morning and making sure I spend the day with my mom as I'm sure she will be sad as well.  I know that my Grammie will be with us on Christmas morning and I know that she's with us everyday.  She will be looking down and smiling watching the girls open gifts as she did with me when I was younger.  This is the sad part of Christmas but I'm determined to make time to remember a beautiful life of a beautiful woman on Christmas Day.  We miss you and you are so dearly loved.

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  1. Sending love and hugs to you this Christmas! Losing a loved one is never easy, but the love and support around you will get you through, along with the wonderful memories. All the pictures are so precious... thanks for sharing. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  2. This was a beautiful post. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing :)


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