Introducing a Preview of Bookworm Bundle!


It appears that our very own Amber from ABC to ACT's has been quite the busy book worm!  Amber and her husband have been creating a BRAND NEW subscription box targeting towards our toddlers growing minds.  When she asked me to give a little sneak peek into this amazing service I just had to say yes!

Introducing...Bookworm Bundle!

So we've all heard of these "subscription services" before.  Each month you pay a certain amount and receive a box or bag full of goodies.  They are all the rage now, everything from nail polish and beauty products, clothing and shoes to boxes for your dogs to enjoy!  Amber's is cornering the market based on our toddlers and their never-ending quest for more and more knowledge! 

Bookworm Bundle will include a classic children's book (ones that have been loved for generations) along with 3 to 4 crafts and activities based on the books theme. 

Amber's own quote to me on this new project is:

"My hope is that our boxes will encourage children to explore their imaginations and will instill in them a love of reading that will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives!"

I'm so looking forward to supporting Amber on her new adventure and I'm thrilled that she's picked such a unique way to enrich our children's minds!  Bookworm Bundle will be launching in January and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these boxes!

Congrats Amber, we look forward to watching Bookworm Bundle become the next hot subscription box!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing endeavor! Wonderful idea!


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