Saying Goodbye to 2013...


Oh, were good to us!  While you were probably the LEAST eventful year to date since David and I met, you were definitely filled with outstanding moments that we will never forget.

In January we experienced Savannah's first real acknowledgement of us as her parents.  When she saw us she smiled.  When she couldn't she would cry.  One of many firsts we experienced with Savannah this year.  In January Hannah also got her first real boo-boo.  She bumped into our TV console and got herself a little shiner on her eye.
In February I watched in amazement as my little baby girl, my first born started to resemble a miniature adult.  It still makes my heart ache seeing this photo but I know she's growing into an amazing little lady.  February was also the much welcome event of Savannah sleeping through the night!  She took a little longer to get there than her sister but boy do we enjoy those more sleep filled then sleepless nights!  I can't forget the amazing Valentine's Day message and gift I received from my hubby...Michael Kors baby!!
In March we celebrated 18 months of marriage.  There were not many people who believed that we would make it that far but we proved them all wrong!  Can't forget about St. Patrick's Day when your husband is Irish!  I still love this photo of the 3 of them together in bed.  I also took Hannah to her 1st petting zoo and she loved it!  This girl is going to be a vet with her love of animals being so strong.

In April there was a lot of smiles and love.  Savannah started to crawl and become a bit more mobile.
In May we celebrated the marriage of my BIL and SIL.  This meant that our cousins who we love dearly came in to visit from Mississippi and got their hands on Savannah for the first time.  David and I also got to do some dancing together which rarely happens, cause well, were parents of 2 small kids and he's not a club head.  I got to celebrate my first "real" Mother's Day.  Yes, I've had a couple of them but it was my first one with both my girls with me and so special for me and my mom.
In June it was BIRTHDAY MONTH! My last year in my 20's...I don't fear getting older, actually I love it.  And while we ushered in the hot summer out came the baby pool.  We had many wonderful afternoons on the back deck with the girls playing in the water.
In July of course were celebrating America!  A couple we know took David to his first ever golden Corral and he loved it!  Hubby also finally got in some fishing.  I mean what good is it living in a development of lakes if you can't go fishing?  We took a family trip to the County Fair where Hannah took her first pony ride.  This was especially emotional for me because I was her age when my mom took me on my first pony ride.  But the biggest and best event of all in July was Hannah turning two years old!  We celebrated at Chuck E Cheese and she got her very own hot pink Barbie Mustang!
In August it was just too hot!  There was some cooking, some playing checkers in rocking chairs but the neatest thing was watching Savannah and Hannah really start to bond as sisters.  Their relationship is like no other than I've seen but you know they are sisters...that's for sure.  I also took David to his 1st horse races...we still wish he'd put $100 down on that first race instead of $10 (8 to 1 odds) but he enjoyed it and we've gone back a couple times since.
In, September was spectacular!  We celebrated David's 31st birthday, our 2 year wedding anniversary AND took a trip to Alaska!  Our trip was beyond anything we ever expected.  We would move there in an instant. We are so blessed that we had a chance to take that trip and experience a part of the country and spend a whopping 10 days together.  While we missed the girls dearly there's not an ounce of us that wouldn't rewind the clock and go back.
In October we had lots of beautiful days at the playgrounds but we also celebrated Savannah turning 1 year old.  That day was so bitter sweet for me because I no longer have any "baby babies" but I truly love watching my girls grow and develop.  It was also so special to me that for the first time I had ALL of the grandparents under one roof, that's a rare moment for me and one that touched my heart.  Hannah also had a leaning mirror fall on her that required her first trip to the ER.  She was such a champ and did so amazing the doctors gave her a popsicle!
In November the holidays got jumping!  David loves Thanksgiving and Chistmas and this year was the first that Hannah really got to understand what this time of year is all about.  We had cold weather, warm fires and one heck of a yummy Turkey (if I do say so myself)!
In December it's all about Christmas, from visiting Santa to wrapping gifts.  The girls were incredibly spoiled and Hannah really brought the magic back for David and I.  I had heard that with being a parent you see how excited your children get and it gets you excited as well.  Hannah loved turning the advent calendar and Savannah loved ohhhhing and ahhhhing at the tree. 

So here I sit and realize through all the photos and all the memories, 2013 wasn't uneventful at all.  It was full of wonderful and amazing moments that I will treasure always.  I'm so thankful that my blog had taken off and that I've been given the chance to work with some amazing companies.  I look forward to 2014 and I know it's going to be even better!  We usher in 2014 with open arms, taking on all it has to bring!  Happy New Year everyone and we will see you in 2014!!

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  1. You had a truly wonderful year! I am so happy for you and all the opportunities coming your way! I can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2014! PS...that MK bag is GORgeous! ;)

  2. WHOA! You had one helluva year! I don't see how it couldn't just keep getting better. Happy New Year!

  3. That's an awesome line up of your family events.
    Happy New Year!

  4. That's an awesome line up of your family events.
    Happy New Year!


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