Five Personal Goals for 2014...


Okay, I don't know about you but I've never been one to make resolutions.  If I make them, I break them and I rarely stick to them.  So I thought for the upcoming 2014 year which also happens to be the year that I will turn 30 years old why not make some goals?  Why not challenge myself a little and see if I can really make my 30th year the best year!

Some of my goals are pretty minor but some are quite a bigger stretch.  I tried to pull one goal from each category that is important to, health both physical and mental, charity and I do have one selfish goal included.  Obviously I don't need to mention the goals of keeping my family healthy and happy, that's obvious and an everyday goal.  These goals are purely for myself and to try and make myself happier in the coming 2014 year.

Goal #1 - My Financial Goal
I've always had a hard time saving money and with two toddlers and a husband it seems even harder to do these days.  That's why I'd like to give the $1/week challenge a go!  Each week you put the appropriate amount of money away.  Week 1 is $1, Week 2 is $2, Week 3 is $3, etc. until you get to Week 52 where you are putting away $52 that week!  At the end of the year you will have just over $1,300 and I don't know about you but that's a NICE chunk of change.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to try this challenge for myself and my husband but that would mean Week 1 would be $2 and Week 2 would be $4 and so forth.  I was thinking if I can pull that off we could take a nice vacation or something at the end of the year but I might just start with the original challenge and add more money if we have it available.

Goal #2 - My Mental Health Goal
I'm guilty of not always being 100% positive all the time. I think if I can follow the above 10 Spiritual Tonics I will feel more positive and overall my mental health will be better.  This is one I plan to implement in the whole house but really make myself accountable for it.  I might have a hard time with #8...I'm a major TV junkie and not much of a reader but since I'm considering cutting the cable it could all work out!

Goal #3 - My Personal Health Goal
I have about 30 lbs to take off.  Even though I feel like I look good for having two kids there are moments I realize that I'm not where I used to be in my physical health.  I'd really like to do a 5k before I turn 30 in June.  I don't know if that's possible but I'm going to really give it a good shot!  My overall health goal is to get off those last 30 lbs and if doing a 5k will help with it I'm on board.  I enjoy walking more than running but I'm willing to try and that's the biggest part, making the commitment.

Goal #4 - My Charity Goal
You may or may not know this but technically any child born before 39+ weeks is considered premature.  Both my girls were born just one day into my 37th week of pregnancy so technically they are premature by medical terms.  There are however MANY other mothers out there who gave birth way too early and their children end up in the NICU or suffering due to their early arrivals.  My goal in 2014 is to walk with MARCH OF DIMES but also raise money and donate to them.  I'm still trying to decide on what my actual donation goal is but I'm making the commitment to do the walk in April and raise donations on this blog year round for this amazing charity!

Goal #5 - My Selfish Goal
I'm torn on this one but it's definitely a tie.  To buy a pair of Red Bottoms or a new Louis Vuitton Neverfull? Mostly I have this goal because I realize that while I do things for myself in smaller portions like my nails or hair I haven't done something truly extravagant for myself in about three years!  I made this goal so that I remember to put something aside for me.  I might combine Goal #1 and Goal #5.  Maybe if I can save enough through Goal #1 I will allow myself to indulge in Goal #5.
Like I said before, I think making resolutions puts you in a bad space.  If you don't follow through it's the end of it.  Usually most people only make one resolution.  I've made FIVE goals for myself.  If I don't meet one it's not the end of the earth but what if I do complete all five? Think how amazing I'll feel at the end of 2014 looking back on these goals I have accomplished!

Do you have any goals for 2014?  What are they? If you have a post about your goals for the upcoming year please link them below so that I can see them!  You never know, a goal you have this year might be my goal for next year! Happy 2014 everyone!! 

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  1. I like how you do goals instead of resolutions! Every year, I do a To-Do List Of things that I want to do, buy, or experience. This list helps me to improve myself as I'm working toward these goals on the list. Thank you for sharing!! I think I want to do the saving thingy too!

    1. Thanks! I agree, resolutions are hard to keep up with. I think the savings thing will be the easiest at first but hardest later but I'm hoping I can do it!

  2. Anonymous12/26/2013

    excellent goals, good luck!

  3. I love your goals and how you want to fulfill all five of them. I especially like the 10 spiritual tonics, I think I can use some of those. Hehehe. I wrote a post about my goals days ago, Goals for 2014

  4. I gave up making resolutions years ago, but I try to do better each year especially when it comes to my health. Happy New Year.

  5. I love setting goals, too. "Resolution" always has a negative connotation to me. Loving your goal for #1, I'd really like to do a savings goal, too. Maybe save up for vacation! :) Best wishes for a great year in 2014. xo

  6. You can definitely do a 5K! Running is all about consistency and just doing it... your body is stronger than you think it is. And love your selfish goal, we do need to take some time for ourselves as well.


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