GIVEAWAY!! Zazoo Kids Photo Clock!


Once again I'm pairing up with the wonderful Growing Up Madison to bring you a very cool kids product!  Introducing the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock...this is a clock, MP3 player and photo player all in one!

Perfect for parents who are teaching their young children the difference between day and night.  Even better to teach them what time to wait for to get out of bed, help mommy and daddy get a little more rest!

Would you like to win one of your own?  Enter below to win your own Zazoo Kids Photo Clock!

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  1. I would give anything to sleep more!

  2. Kurt Penberg also introduced alarm clocks, Face-in-movie DVDs, posters, poems and stuffed animals. You can gift your child a beautiful and melodious morning by gifting them alarm clocks which sings kids’ names.


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