Vacation Day 4: Skagway...Happy Anniversary!


this is a screen shot from our TV screen on the ships time channel
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Day 4 of our cruise was from Juneau to Skagway, we were in port from 6 AM until about 8 PM, again another long day in port which is great because you can really get a feel for and enjoy the environment around you.  Our day in Skagway also happened to be our anniversary...woot woot!  To celebrate we took a horseback ride through the countryside, it was David's first time on a horse and he actually did EXTREMELY well!

David's horse was named "Tuff", ironic I know, especially when you find out that Tuff was a draft horse, my quarter horse was Bennett who Tuff was more than happy to follow behind, David didn't mind the view or the slower pace that I kept for him but he did like a quick trot here and there!  Again, our scenery was gorgeous and I couldn't think of another way to celebrate our anniversary...this was definitely one of our favorite moments of the whole trip!

The town of Skagway is just so quaint and cute, definitely a place we could settle in.  The graduating class of the high school this year is just four kids, two boys and two girls!  From the old school train that used to be used as a snow blower on Broadway, the main street in town to the little things like the wooden planks that make the sidewalks instead of cement, thankfully this is a historically preserved town and nothing will change or grow in it!

Finally, we had an early dinner at the Skagway Brewing Company following by a stop into one of the oldest brothels that used to be in existence, the Red Onion Saloon, and as we depart on the rocks are these amazing murals, I have no idea where they come from or what they mean but it was really crazy to see something like that on the side of the mountains...I'm sure they have a strong meaning or at least some meaning but for now I just enjoy the art in them.


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