#AskAwayFriday with Megan from The Patchwork Paisley


I'm back!!! Sorry I missed out on the last 2 weeks of #AskAwayFriday but I was away on vacation with my husband in Alaska!  That's a valid enough reason right? haha

This week I paired up with the wonderful Megan from The Patchwork Paisley...she's done some awesome #AskAwayFriday posts recently and I couldn't wait to trade questions with her and let me tell you she did not disappoint, I love all these questions! So without further a due, let's get to it:
The Patchwork Paisley

1. Let's talk tats and piercings. Do you have any? Describe them if so. If not, would you ever? Why or why not? I actually have 7 tattoos! I have one on each foot that read "Trust in Life" and "Trust in Love" sayings I try to "walk my life by, then on my wrist on my left arm I have 3 flowers with Hannah above it for my 1st born daughter, on my right wrist I have Alis Volat Propris which is Latin for "she flies on her own wings", on my right shoulder blade I have a K for my maiden name with butterflies around it representing my family, on my left shoulder I have a butterfly that was drawn by a friend of mine and on the bottom of my back (tramp stamp style) I have a cross that I got the day I found out my grandfather passed away...

2. Sum up your trip to Alaska in 3 pics...

leaving our mark at Red Dog Saloon
Whale Watching in Juneau

spending quality time with my hubby
3. Have you ever had your "15 minutes of Fame?"  Does blogging count? Haha, no I haven't, I don't really have a desire to be famous...maybe the closest I came was when I did club promotions in DC, being know by security, bar tenders and managers and getting free stuff is always fun!

4. Hubby question: Ok- what would HE say is your best feature? Do you agree? If you are talking physical I guess he would probably say my butt haha...I guess my butt is okay in clothes :)

Now go ask him...what did he say? He said butt as well "I just want you to live in yoga pants"

5. How would you describe your parenting style? It's definitely different then I thought it would be.  I know I'm a good mom but my PPA (Post-Partum Anxiety) changes things sometimes.  I'm definitely the more strict parent out of me and my husband but I think that has more to do with me being a SAHM and being with them all day, every day.  All I know is that they are 2 healthy and happy little girls so I must be doing something right!

6. Aside from your cellphone and keys, what is one thing you can't leave the house without? Wallet, for sure my wallet!

7. Travel back in time 15 years. Where are you? What do you look like (a pic would be fab!) What's your favorite TV show and or song/musician? Oh wow, what a question...so I'm 29 now so that would mean back tracking to 14, okay so 14 I was in my 8th grade year so that would be Junior High getting ready to go into High School.  I was dating this boy that did a lot of drama classes, I wore a lot of Adidas, had braces and wore glasses...oh I wish I could find a picture!  I was obsessed with Backstreet Boys and I can't remember a TV show to save my life so I'll guess "My So Called Life" or "TRL".

8. Dump, hump, marry: In case you've never played- you're given 3 options, sometimes hotties, sometimes not so much (I'm being nice ;) you have to dump one, <ah-hem> hump one, and marry one.

Ryan Reynolds - dump, he's cute but not that cute and he's already been married and divorced
Channing Tatum- marry, mostly because of his relationship with his current wife, he seems faithful and loving in his marriage
Ryan Gosling - hump, I mean have you seen the scene in The Notebook??

9. What's one show on your DVR you're embarrassed to admit to liking? I don't have a DVR but anytime I watch a Lifetime movie or something my husband will make fun of me.

10. If you could be featured on one blog or approached by any company to write for, who would it be?  I'd love to write for Target or even a kids clothing company.  Munchkin would be another one since they have lots of cool kids products.

Thanks Megan! I loved the questions and I hope that you enjoy mine as much as I've enjoyed yours! 

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  1. Awesome. LOVE your answers. I was so looking forward to reading them! Where to start...first off, love the tatts. I have 6 and many in the same places! Backstreet Boys...yes. My walls were plastered with posters. Who was your fave??? I recently saw them in concert with NKOTB and it was SO much fun. AND thank you for dumping Ryan Reynolds. Ill take him off your hands for ya. ;)

    1. oh Nick Carter was my baby back in those days :) if you didn't live in NJ I'd be your BFF probably..heck why put limits on it, you win the title of new BFF!!

  2. Anonymous9/27/2013

    I've always thought it would be cool to go whale watching! I just don't know if I could withstand the temps in Alaska. I'm from Houston when it gets below 70, we pull out the coats! LOL! And hump, dump, marry is my new favorite thing. I want to ask everyone I know! Haha! What a conversation starter! ;-) Happy Friday!

    1. the temps weren't that bad...highs around 58-60 which was perfect! great sweatshirt weather!!


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