Being a Controversial Mom..Pit Bulls & Babies


When we found out that we were expecting Hannah, one of the first things we did was look for a dog.  I remember thinking "if we can't raise a dog together, we can't raise a baby"...David and I both agreed that we loved Pit Bulls and that's the dog that we wanted.  One day randomly I emailed about 20 people from Craigslist with puppies, the first lady to respond lived in WV and had a quote "rescue", the picture of the puppy she sent us wasn't exactly the best but we took a leap of faith and road out to view the pups.  Almost instantly David knew that he wanted the pup that is now our Whiskey girl!  She's still the best $45 either one of us has probably ever spent.

Fast forward about 2 years and we find out we're expecting Savannah, again why not have 2 dogs for 2 kids?  David desperately needed another male type animal in the house and I can't blame him, he was surrounded by females both human and animal (5 if you count my old Pomeranian who now resides with my mom).  This time we went through a rescue called Bully Paws Rescue and we found our baby blue boy Titan!  In fact it was amazing the reaction from our home visit volunteer for Bully Paws "we are so thrilled that you all are adding a Pit Bull while expecting another baby, you all are setting the perfect example of a loving and caring family for both your girls and Pit Bulls!"...I was really touched that someone said that.

A lot of people gave us issues when we got Whiskey before Hannah came, statements like "pits and babies don't mix" or "aren't you worried for your child's safety"...ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS I thought!  Over the 3 years that we've had Whiskey and now 1 year with Titan I trust these dogs with my girls more than I do most humans!  No one takes into consideration that both of these dogs have been raised with our girls from birth, they are loyal and sweet, caring and compassionate and so patient with our kids it's almost unbelievable.

Did you know that Pit Bulls were actually bred to be one of the most obedient and loyal breeds out there?  Back in the older years (my husband could probably tell you exactly when) bull fighters used to use Bull Dogs in sport to pin down large bulls in the ring but over time the trainers noticed that the Bull Dogs were turning on them.  They decided to breed the Bull Dog with the traditional family pet the Terrier.  Once they did this they had the "Pit Bull" this breed never turned on their owner becoming essential in the sport.

Next you had the Europeans who brought the Pit Bull over with him becoming the first real cowboys in our society, the dogs provided not just companionship but safety and protection.  Over time cowboys created the best breed, they didn't have time if a dog turned on them, immediately it would be put down, essentially only the best of the breed survived.  As the dogs got older the cowboys would leave the dogs with their wives and children when they went on long distance trips.  This is how Pit Bulls became the "Nanny Dog"!  The wives and mothers were in charge of so many other activities around the house that they would leave the children with the Pit Bulls to watch them as guardians.  This baby-sitting could last 5 minutes to several hours and no one blinked twice, children in fact were safer because the dogs could protect and guide the children and even were play toys for their miniature owners.  They also were not owned by the lower class as history might suggest, in fact they were owned by many more of the middle to upper class families of our time.

Now whenever some says to me that I'm crazy for owning two Pits with my two girls in the house I tell them "how many times has your Chihuahua bit your kid" or "how many times has your cat scratched your kid"...dumb breeds dumb.  The simple fact is that what I call "My Breed" the Pit Bull is widely misunderstood.  Yes, there are bad dogs out there but there's bad dogs in every breed not just Pits.  I take huge offense to anyone who bashes or talks down about my dogs because my dogs are to me just as much as my children part of our family.  They are the best dogs I've ever owned and I wouldn't trade them for any other breed.  Does no one remember "Petey" from Little Rascals? Yeah folks, that was a PIT BULL!

Each family needs to do their own research on what breed will work best for them and their children, Pit Bulls just happen to be the best damn breed for me and my family!  I will close this off by saying I won't bully you or your dog, whatever breed that might be if you don't bully my breed...educate yourself, investigate what you are talking about and learn the history of an animal before you banish it because of ignorance. 

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  1. What an awesome insight into a topic I must admit i was guilty of judging. I have a friend who owns a Pit but she has two older children. She has told me repeatedly that it is the owner who trains the dog not the other way around. Yet I just have the media stereotype of a Pit attacking my child and I can't seem to shake it.
    Hubby just recently wanted to add a dog to our Team and he suggested a actually resulted in a bit of a fuss because I was dead set against it...perhaps I should reconsider or at least research a bit more.

    1. it's true, a lot of people are guilty of this but hands down they are the most amazing breed I've ever experienced! I encourage everyone to do their research for what breed will work best for their family but 9 out of 10 times if you want a loyal, protective yet loving and caring dog that's a snuggler a Pit is your best bet!

      Working with a rescue is also a great thing, they will only allow you to adopt the dog that is best suited for your family and they have experience with that process! So many rescues also get Pit pups that are mixes which is also a great option, saving a dog from the shelter or a rescue is the best thing you can do! If you want to know some that I work with I will help you out and put you in contact with some really great people!

  2. What a great story! I couldn't agree more with all of your points. There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners. Although we do not have pits, we have always let our dog kiss our daughter's face and get close to her. Most of our friends have made their dogs stay away from their babies and it breaks my heart. Dogs are a part of the family.

    Good for you guys!
    Becky @

    1. thanks for stopping by! yes, our dogs kiss and cuddle and love on our girls constantly...from the day I brought our 1st daughter home it was essential that we taught our dogs these were their babies too! they look at our kids as part of the "pack"...only time we tell them to back off is if they are giving too many kisses on the mouth :)

  3. I have no problem with pit bulls. Dogs are often a result of their training and breeding, just like I found your history of the breed interesting. I did not know they were the nanny breed. I totally could have used that when all the kids were littler.


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