Vacation Arrival: Seattle


Some of you may or may not know that since getting married 2 years ago my husband, David and I have yet to take any kind of honeymoon or vacation, the most we've been away is an overnight trip but that's life when you have two babies under two years old, they always come first. 

In February of this year David and I decided to take a cruise, we aren't exactly warm weather people so we knew a Caribbean cruise was probably out of the question but we quickly agreed that going on a cruise to Alaska sounded like the most amazing thing!  We both love the cooler weather, the views are absolutely beautiful and we've never heard anyone complain about going on a cruise to Alaska, even my mom who went a few years ago told us we wouldn't regret it.  So we went ahead and booked it to celebrate not just our wedding anniversary but also my husband's birthday which is exactly one week before our wedding date.

As always, Morton's treats us wonderfully for our celebration and the food is amazing!
We chose to cruise with Princess Cruise Line and we picked our departure from Seattle.  Friday, September 13th we embarked on our first vacation/honeymoon in 2 years and headed out west!  We arrived in Seattle on Friday around 3 PM, checked into our hotel and got dressed for our annual birthday/anniversary tradition of dinner at Morton's.  Thankfully it was only 2 blocks away from hotel so we were able to stroll through downtown Seattle and see some of the sites.

After dinner at Morton's and a long day of traveling we headed back to our hotel to get some rest.  We knew the day MIGHT be long since neither of us have ever boarded a cruise ship before.  Oddly enough, probably due to the time change we both woke up around 4:30 AM on Saturday, starving we went out in search of food.  We quickly discovered that Seattle doesn't really wake up until about 9 AM...thankfully Starbucks is always open, then we headed down towards Pike Place Market which is a local farmers market where fresh produce, seafood, flowers and just about anything you can think of is sold.  

Around 8 AM we found Three Girls Bakery with croissants that were to die for!  Just after 8 AM, things started to pick up, fish were being put on ice, produce was being put out and the flowers, oh my, the flowers were stunning!  Sunflowers the size of my head and I love me some sunflowers.  We walked along the docks and saw Seattle's Ferris Wheel along with their baseball and football stadiums, can't beat walking on a cobblestone path.  

Finally, we found a little cafe to sit and have some coffee and hot chocolate which they make to your specific requests.  Seattle is definitely a beautiful city, I'm not sure I'd live here since it's so similar to home but the weather is something to be desired as it's always a little on the chill up...getting on the boat and heading to ALASKA!!! Stay tuned...

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