#AskAwayFriday..2 Bloggers - 5 Questions Each!


Okay, so I'm an idiot (by my own admission!) I totally asked two bloggers by accident to do this weeks #AskAwayFriday and they both said yes...so instead of putting someone off to the side I decided to do 5 questions with each blogger!

Below are the first set of question from Sarah with Lomholt Family, Sarah resides in Iowa and she's just a super sweet gal and so glad she accepted my invitation.  Here are my 5 questions from Sarah:

1.  What is your best advice for new moms?  I addressed this one in a previous post from Week 10 of 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose, it's definitely to take all the help you can get!  If someone offers to help feed the baby or do laundry or cook or well just anything, take the help!  If you don't you'll be wishing you had.

2.  Is there anywhere in the world you want to go that you haven't been to?  Well I would say Alaska but the hubby and I are headed there next week.  I would probably say somewhere like Bora Bora, I mean that place just looks amazing in pictures and anyone who's been there only ever has wonderful things to say, so I'll go with Bora Bora!

3.  What is your greatest accomplishment?  I think most moms would probably say their children and while they are one of my greatest accomplishments I would probably say my relationship/marriage with my husband...because without him I wouldn't have these 2 beautiful baby girls!

4.  What is your biggest fear?  Again, I think all moms or even just wives would say leaving their family behind.  I hate thinking of something happening to me and my hubby and girls being left without me.  Recently we've been planning and writing a will and that's really made me reflect on how much it scares me to be away from them.

5.  How did you and your husband meet?  Ironically (well maybe not) we met online through Craigslist.  I know, I know...insert gasps here.  But let's be honest A LOT of relationships start online now and we are one of the few success stories and I'm happy we are!


Now onto Blogger #2 which is Nick from Dad with A Blog...someone last week stole my idea of using a guy so I'm copying them haha...here are my 5 questions that I got from Nick:

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?  To be honest I don't really remember any of them, I know I did the whole ghost with a white sheet one year but the only other one I remember is dressing up as Elvira from the show but I was more a teenager for that one.

2.  If you were able to design your own house what would it be like?  We currently live in a ranch style house so something ranch style but maybe in a square shape with the middle open full of flowers with the interior walls done in glass so you can see the garden...it would definitely have a wrap around porch with a lot of land!

3.  Rubik's Cube or Scrabble (word games or puzzle games)?  I'd say word games, we actually really like Scrabble...I'm also big into Monopoly even though that wasn't an option.

4.  What is one saying you use all the time (maybe too much)?  My husband would probably say it's when I start a statement with "I hate to say it but..." he hates when I say that and says I use it way too much!  That and I have the mouth of a sailor but I'm trying to tame it down with the kids learning more words now.

5.  What is your favorite thing to shop for online, whether you buy it or not?  Hmmm...good question...I would say it's probably a camera as of recently...I really want to invest in a great DSLR camera but just can't bring myself to do it.  I think for Christmas I'm going to ask for just Best Buy gift cards so that I can actually get one!


I really appreciate both Sarah and Nick joining me on this weeks #AskAwayFriday and like always below are the links to all the others who are joining us!  Please check out everyone of these awesome people, they really are great and it's so fun to learn a little more about the people you read from everyday!  If you can try to follow them on Twitter as well as everyone who links below is very active on Twitter and have become an awesome support for me and my blog!

Real Housewife Of Caroline County

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  1. My hubby and I met online too!

    1. Awesome! I hear this story more and more, mostly people who met on Match or eHarmony but Craigslist is a rare one...everyone asks if I was scared he was the Craigslist Killer haha

  2. I hate to say but....lol I have to agree with your hubby I don't like when people say that lol. I too have tamed my usage of words not quite a sailor but I now say "frack" when something has really irritated me

    1. Anonymous9/06/2013

      LOL! Camii you are too much!

    2. I have a hard time holding in my sailor mouth sometimes!

  3. Anonymous9/06/2013

    This is so funny! I actually can remember some of my costumes. He chose some really funny questions. Once year I was a native american with beads in my hair and cloth moccasins lol and another year I was Princess Jasmine! I like Ranch houses! Your dream house sounds lovely! :)

    1. Maybe I just didn't do a lot of trick or treating? I remember handing out a lot of candy though!

  4. Great post! Loved the questions. My favourite Halloween costume as a kid was the Dalmation one :D

  5. Thanks for hosting this. It's great to read everyone's questions and answers and getting to know each other better. I'd love a better camera too.

  6. Anonymous9/06/2013

    Clever getting 2 bloggers in one edition! I'm so sorry I featured a dad last week, had I known I would have let you feature Nick first LOL.

  7. Aww... you're so sweet!! I can truly sense you have a deep love for your family. I know that feeling of thinking the worst... it's horrible...
    I agree maintaing a happy, healthy, and loving relationship with your partner is a HUGE accomplishment.
    I love the Halloween costume question... I'm so using that! Thanks Nick!

  8. I was afraid I was showing my age with the Rubik's cube question, thought about joining the 21st century and switching the choices to Candy Crush or Words with Friends! Monopoly is so classic though, I haven't tried to play it with my kids yet, don't think they'd have the patience!

  9. Alaska is my top dream place to visit. I NEED to hear all about it. Say hi to the moose for me! And I think having a marriage is a huge accomplishment, right up there if not more than having kids! And my favorite Halloween costume as a kid was a California Raisin!


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